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  1. hiwall

    "I will fundamentally change America" if elected president.

    Obama did not even wait to do the 'Amnesty Executive Order' because as soon as he took office back in 2009 he started giving out 'green cards'. During the time period 2009 to 2014 Congress approved about 5 million Green cards but Obama more than doubled that amount by handing out an additional...
  2. hiwall

    Islam and Immigration

    Islam Have you ever thought about why people of the Muslim faith immigrate to countries such as the USA and the European countries? Is because they look at these countries with envy? Do they yearn to emulate our way of life? Do they want to enjoy the same freedoms that we enjoy? Do they...
  3. hiwall

    home owners insurance

    today I was going to switch my homeowners insurance to Amica. The price was fine and I said I would take it. Then they asked if I had any guns. I said yes. They said they would only cover up to $2500 without a detailed list. I said that was fine I would take the loss on any over that amount...
  4. hiwall

    Shooting wrong caliber ammo

    Here are a couple of pictures of ammo that was shot in the wrong caliber gun. From the left - 1st is a 32 acp that was shot in a S&W .35 cal pistol - 2nd is a 9mm that was shot in a 40 S&W - 3rd is a 40 S&W that was shot in a 45 acp - 4th is a .32 H&R mag that was shot in a .38 spl - last is a...
  5. hiwall

    Are we doomed?

    Obama tried his change and it looks like it might be stopped. I was really happy with this. Then I started thinking. No, I sure didn't change to an Obama supporter. But follow my thought. If his big changes are stopped and he just kind of coasts along the rest of his term with few real ups...