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    Purchased Ruger LC9 What Ammo Would You Recommend For Personal Protection

    Just purchased the Ruger LC9 was looking for some input on the best personal protection ammo. Any recommendations would really be appreciated.
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    Went to purchase a firearm today and got a delay.

    This is my third time purchasing a firearm and the second time I have been delayed. Its there any rhyme or reason for this. Sort of a let down when you are excited about your purchase. Any info would be much appreciated.
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    Thinking about purchasing a Ruger LC9

    Was wondering if anyone else has purchased. I plan to conceal carry. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you
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    My Glock 30 has been dropped several times

    I just wanted some input on this. I have dropped my Glock 30 several times. First I am concerned this may damage the internal mechanisms. Also it has had damage to the slide on the corners. Is it normal to have this type of wear and tear on your firearm. Please note every time it has been...
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    Alabama CCL but having to travel to OHIO

    I have a Alabama CCL and i am having to go to Ohio for a few months for work. I know Ohio does not honor Alabama CCL. How can i legally transport my firearm to my hotel room I want to keep it with me in my hotel. Any info would greatly be appreciated.