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    Glock 36 opinions

    O.K., so I'm considering a Glock 36. My friend has one he'd like to sell me for $450, only 50 rounds fired through it. How does this Glock match up to all others in your opinion? Any bad reviews? It's a nice piece and despite the 50 rounds through it, it's like buying new. Is it good for...
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    I just traded my Ruger SR9c for a MILLENNIUM PRO 145 .45 ACP POLYMER PISTOL IN BLUE STEEL, both in same condition (practically new, less than 150 rounds fired.) I got 3 mags with it, crossbreed holster, some target ammo and some personal defense rounds. Did I make a good choice? I'm used to 9mm...
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    Good handgun recommendations for my wife to carry for protection.

    Alright, I'm posting again hoping to get some advice. I've had some great advice from here so, I'm hoping this will work again. My wife currently has a Walther P22 (I carry a Ruger SR9c) - I've been trying to tell her she needs a bigger caliber gun if she's wanting to carry for protection but...
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    How do you like your Ruger?

    I just traded my KelTec PF9 for a new Ruger SR9c, anyone have this particular 9mm? I like it a lot but, every one has their own opinions. I'm thinking my next purchase (if I don't win it) will be the Ruger LC9, It seems like a pretty nice firearm, do they have a lot of recoil? Heavy trigger or...