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    This actually made it onto ABC!?

    Exclusive: After Westgate, Interpol Chief Ponders 'Armed Citizenry' - ABC News Interpol thinks concealed carry should be international! Now there is some right thinking, hopefully it gets traction...
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    Standing in the way of Armegedon - Re-constituting the Common Law Grand Jury

    Greetings, fellow gun enthusiasts! I may be late to the game, but, I have recently found Welcome The premise is simple, we ARE going to re-constitute the Common Law Grand Jury in all 50 states, by starting with each county - all 3142 of them! We need people all across the country to get active...
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    Errors in Missouri concealed carry laws on site

    In accordance with Section 571.107 RSMo., you may not carry concealed in the following places: any police, sheriff , or Highway Patrol office or station without consent; within 25 feet of any polling place on Election Day; adult or juvenile jail or institution; courthouse or facilities; any...