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    Why One Sheriff Won't Enforce Oregon's New Background-Check Gun Law

    Why One Sheriff Won't Enforce Oregon's New Background-Check Gun Law Link Removed
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    In Broad Daylight at the Mall today

    Happened at 4PM in the parking lot of the mall we sometimes shop at. In the lot infront of the bookstore where we usually park too. Link Removed
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    Ulticlip anyone?

    I just heard about Ulticlip I think this guy just solved the problem of retention when not wearing a belt.
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    Bob Costas again

    Tell us how you really think Bob Costas, oh and by the way, screw you! Gun talk starts at the 2:14 mark First he says "all I did was quote a writer" when talking about that football player murder/suicide. Then he shows how he really feels, stating...
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    Anti-gun film maker breaks arm and steals cameras from Pro-gun film maker

    Link Removed Link Removed Attacker Skye Fitzgerald
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    3 cops shoot man throwing rocks. Justified?

    I have been waiting for Firefighterchen to post this first since it happened in his city. Three cops chase down and shoot a man who was throwing rocks. Justified? The police were called because he was throwing rocks at cars in the Fiesta Foods parking lot. Link Removed Citizen video starts...
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    Flee the scene, don't call 911 yourself, make no statement to the police?

    That is what this P.I. says you should do after a self defense shooting.
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    CNN Anti-Gun Poll

    CNN poll: "Should children learn to shoot guns under adult supervision?" Currently 2 to 1 say No Total votes: 291 Come on, time to vote. The poll is way down in the lower right corner of the page. International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News
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    Low recoil .38sp for training

    My wife's new Ruger LCR .38sp is shipped and on the way. She has fired her friends S&W airweight before, I don't know with what load, and did not like it. I am hoping that the Houge tamer grip and polymer frame will make a difference on the LCR. Still I would like to find some Low recoil .38sp...
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    New injectable sponges for stopping internal bleeding

    New injectable sponges from an Oregon company for stopping internal bleeding How A Simple New Invention Seals A Gunshot Wound In 15 Seconds | Popular Science
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    Low flash 7.62x39 ammo for an AK Pistol?

    I really want to get one of those Yugo PAP AK pistols as a truck gun, especially since I can have it loaded in my vehicle with my CHL but not a loaded rifle. The down side is, since the 7.62x39 round is meant for a rifle all of that unburnt powder flashes outside the barrel. And then there is...