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  1. TexasGun

    NovaTac lights?......

    Got to say freaking sweet.I have never liked anything but my surefire's(be them overpriced)until I say this NovaTac 120T A led light slightly shorter than 3.5" runs on one batterie (123 )has three light settings with strobe on all settings,.3,10and 120 lums. Don't know the run time though after...
  2. TexasGun

    Concealed carry badges?

    Any one carry one? I here that it could cause more trouble than it might solve. Any LEO's have an opinion?
  3. TexasGun

    Carry medical products?

    I don't know about any of you guys, but I carry daily two trauma kits. One kit causes trauma(my gun), and one relives trauma(med kit). With todays advances in medical knowledge and technology, you can get a life saving pocket sized kit for a reasonable price. I carry a TMP(Tactical Medical...
  4. TexasGun

    Gun coatings?

    Has anyone shipped there gun off to have it coated? What type of coating did you use? I've been looking around and can't find any real interpretation on the differences, one says it's better than the other(ceramic-NP3-hardcrome) and vise versa. I'm looking at the NP3 from Robar, they say the...
  5. TexasGun

    May be to good to pass up>

    A least for the trade in value. I have a chance to trade in my Kahr CW45 for $350, that I bought for $410, For a Para Ordnance OPS 1911 3.5" in stainless for $749.99. Just wondering if the Para for $749.99 is a good deal? How do the Para's stack up against other 1911's? HELP- Decisions...
  6. TexasGun

    Concealed Carry on Campus help the cause>

    We Need Your Old and Used Holsters. Please forward this to every gun owner that you know, post in forums, blog or print and hand out. In partnership with the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) , TGSCOM Inc. (,,, and...
  7. TexasGun

    Buying a suppressor

    I've been looking around at purchasing a suppressor but haven't been able find out how to go through Chanel's? I read something about a BATF form 4 to fill out, a background check , and a 200 fee. I haven't found the form or anyone who knows were to find one, or if thats all it takes. Anyone...
  8. TexasGun

    Trying to buy a suppressor?

    Can't find any info on what I need to purchase a suppressor. I know it doesn't take much in Texas, A BATF form 4 or something but I can't seem to find out much more. Anyone know the laws on ownership or purchasing?
  9. TexasGun

    Conceder the caliber you carry>

    Found this on another forum>
  10. TexasGun

    I'm looking for a good rifle

    This will be my first long gun. Not for any specific purpose just expanding my collection. I own to many pistols and a shotgun(Winchester W/ red dot). Time for a rifle. I do not hunt but it must be able to. I' live in the city so I'd like a short barrel. Lets call it a all purpose defense gun...
  11. TexasGun

    What happens after?

    OK, while out and about you are confronted by a man wielding a knife yelling I'm going to kill you. You present your weapon he continues his advance and you fire a double-tap center mass. The man hunches over and stops moving. You kick the knife out of his reach and dial 911. What happens...
  12. TexasGun

    Advice on becoming a peace officer?

    With the falling recruit numbers, police departments around the country are dropping the requirements for applicants. I have never thought about the subject until reading of the reduced requirements. Having no college under my belt, this sparked my interest. Previously I tried to enlist in...
  13. TexasGun

    Stopping Power or Surgical Accuracy

    Wanting to replace my carry sidearm, a 1911 due to 40 Oz. of weight, I found myself puzzled on which direction to go. Only having a budget of $600 or so a commander sized 1911 is out of question. My problem is based on two candidates for a carry pistol. I'm looking to at a Kahr (TP45,CW45) or a...
  14. TexasGun

    Do You Carry Every Day?

    I've had a ccw license for three years now. I believe myself to be pretty serious about why (I) carry. Knowing what evil can crawl out of any hiding spot or lay waiting out in the open. Not just lurking in shadows. I carry every day all day. Although at first I'd only carry when I thought I...
  15. TexasGun

    Kimber Yay or Nay

    I've heard from several sources, not to purchase a Kimber 1911. Specifically referring to poor construction quality (slides cracking) and bad customer service(not warranting there products). Has any one had such problems or is someone blowing smoke my way?
  16. TexasGun

    Kel-Tec PF9

    Has any one paid atention to how fast these PF9's start to were out ? After 600-800 rounds mine is getting real loose, and showing major wear marks. I was shocked at the manufactures 6000 round limit stated in the manual. Any one else see this? Thanks, Mike