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  1. Tripletap

    Uncle Ted tell it like it is!

    Ted Nugent On Colorado Shooting :: Gun Talk Radio with Tom Gresham
  2. Tripletap

    The dispach audio for the Colorado shooting

    There is alot going on in this audio, but you can still hear whats going on....
  3. Tripletap

    Muslims assaulting Christians

    This gets my blood boiling! How can anyone in their right mind say that the muslim religion is one of peace, When time and time again they show otherwise...... The officers present should hang their heads in shame! Link Removed
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    Post some cool pics you've taken

    I am kind of a amature photographer. Here's a few pics of the hundreds I took on our trip to Wyoming. Let's see some of your pics.....Link RemovedLink RemovedLink RemovedLink Removed
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    Awsome Apocalypse collection

    This guy might be my new idol. Not sure if this has been posted already( I couldn't find it). This is an awesome Zombie Apocalypse, SHTF Collection! Take some time and enjoy....
  6. Tripletap

    Kalifornia bans open carry of long guns

    What a bunch of Red Diaper Doper Babies! I'm sick of this state.... Bill Would Ban Open Carry Of Rifles :