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  1. PackingPastor

    Security screening by GA State Patrol at GA State Capitol in Atlanta

    I had an interesting experience yesterday in Atlanta. I drove downtown to attend a breakfast sponsored by the Faith & Freedom Coalition, followed by lobbying our state legislators to favor bills in both the House and Senate regarding religious freedom (RFRA). After breakfast, I stopped by my car...
  2. PackingPastor

    Becoming an instructor

    I'm working toward becoming an instructor. What do I need? Business license? (It'll be a side job only, and I'm doing it on my own.) Insurance? Certification? If so, from whom?
  3. PackingPastor

    post office carry

    Is this valid now across the country?
  4. PackingPastor

    Marietta, GA

    Anyone in the area want to get together for lunch sometime? Talk about 2A & CC issues?
  5. PackingPastor

    Business CC options

    I'd like to find a small bag that looks like it's designed to carry my iPad mini and a few pens but also has a compartment for a small weapon and a couple of magazines. Any ideas?
  6. PackingPastor

    CC in banks & hospitals

    From everything I've read, I can't find any reason NOT to CC in either; however, Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA, has the following signs posted ONLY at their ER entrance:Link RemovedLink Removed Anyone have any knowledge or opinion to share? Notice the law ID is slightly different in each...
  7. PackingPastor

    Glock 21 buy

    New or used? Any unbelievable deals you've come across?
  8. PackingPastor

    3 speed holster

    Anyone have any experience with one of these?
  9. PackingPastor

    Range ammo/Promotional/Clearance

    I just found a great deal on some range ammo, but I'm not sure of it's quality, and I don't want to destroy my new gun. I have a Ruger LC9, and I'm looking for 115 gr. 9mm FMJ for practice. I found this online: Wolf Military Classic Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (Bi-Metal)...
  10. PackingPastor

    Fanny packs

    Anyone have one they'd recommend for a G21? I also have a Ruger LC9.
  11. PackingPastor

    Cleaning kits

    I have a Ruger LC9, and I'm planning to acquire a G21. Recommendations?
  12. PackingPastor

    Favorite range bag

    Anyone feel strongly about theirs?
  13. PackingPastor

    Raleigh, NC, store

    I'm south of Raleigh for a few days. Any good stores here I should check out?
  14. PackingPastor

    need store in marietta ga

    My store has a great selection of firearms but a very limited selection of belts, holsters, etc. Anyone recommend a store near Marietta I should check out?
  15. PackingPastor

    Buying ammo, targets, etc. online

    Where's the best place online to buy range ammo (or serious ammo, for that matter), targets, eye/ear protection for my practice sessions? I'd like to buy ammo & targets in bulk, but not ridiculous amounts-just enough to get a decent price break.
  16. PackingPastor

    CC in church

    I know GA law says no CC in church, but does that mean only during worship services or other times people are gathered, or does that mean anytime? If a Pastor is a CCW permit holder, can he carry during the week in the office when no one but the staff is there?
  17. PackingPastor

    Buying my first CCW

    I live in the ATL area. For my first CCW, should I buy new or used (gun shop or pawn shop)? If new, gun shop or gun show? Where's the best place to take the CCW permit course? Any recommendations will be appreciated!