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  1. C17LM

    NYT Essay Rips 'Cult of The Uniform'...Says Soldiers Aren't 'Heroes'

    I think this is a great story about a few cooks, fuel guys and some regular support types. Don't think for one second that just because a guy is slinging hash is doing any thing less than hero work because when called to do their part to pick up that weapon to defend their brothers and sisters...
  2. C17LM

    Retirement Overhaul scares me

    From an August 2008 DoD Board of Actuaries' report "In any given year, looking at populations of non-disabled military retirees age 60 and older, the death rate for active duty enlisted retirees is 20 to 25 percent higher." Notice it says NON-Disabled so it is not including those of us who have...