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  1. J

    specific Texas question

    Does TX issue CCW permits to legal resident aliens? Does TX allow potential employers to run credit checks?
  2. J

    Trolls, Trolls, Trolls everywhere...

    Since we recently seem to have been overrun by Trolls of all kinds of shades like Brady Trolls, Anti-Gun Trolls and crazy Trolls how about posting the most outrageously trollish posts you have ever seen? Just for fun!
  3. J

    CZ82 as budget CCW?

    Recently picked up one of these just cause I liked the price and the looks: Link Removed It turned out to be one of my best shooting guns and I have had several friends shoot it that intend to get one, too. It seems that the combination of compact size, all steel construction and the 9mm...
  4. J

    FL non res permit

    Do you have to be a US citizen in order to get FL non res permit?
  5. J

    FL non res permit

    I was under the impression that Florida used to offer a non resident permit but can't quite seem to get that confirmed on their website, is that still the case or did something change?
  6. J

    for your enjoyment

    For your enjoyment
  7. J

    bit undecided

    I will soon be in the market for a new rifle and I am goin back and forth between a PTR91, a basic 5.45x39 SAIGA and a Arsenal AK74. For once my prime concern is not the purchase price but the fun factor of owning and shooting it and the cost of keeping it fed. Any thoughts?
  8. J

    Global Warming real or not?

    What do you think?
  9. J

    after the United States?

    My favorite author Robert E. Heinlein wrote a few things on that subject. He had a feeling both Democracy and the US would eventually falter. His main points were (very roughly) like this (with some additions of myself mixed in): - Democracy has deteriorated to a game show, more about smiling...
  10. J

    dumping deer on highway

    My local news station just mentioned that here in NC some hunters seem to dump deer carcasses on the Interstates/Highways, why would any hunter do that?
  11. J

    so what changes to NC gun laws do we need next in your opinion?

    so what changes to NC gun laws do we need next in your opinion?
  12. J

    isn't NC now honoring ALL CCW permits?

    I think there was a recent change but I don't see that reflected in the maps yet?
  13. J

    did you know that Diane Feinstein has a CCW permit?

    Isn't that the ultimate double standard?
  14. J

    not sure where this post should go

    I looked at the reciprocity info on this site for my UT non res permit and it says there that DC does honor it. However I saw on that DC does not honor anybody's permit and doesn't issue any. What gives?
  15. J

    full sized handguns for concealed carry

    Recently read an article in a gun magazine, the author pointed out that in his opinion that makes more sense than carrying a teeny tiny gun with almost no sights and very limited ammo. His opinion was that it makes more sense to bring a full sized reliable gun with enough capacity and be able to...
  16. J

    Ruger LCP

    I stopped at my local gun store today and picked up a Riger LCP. I had long been wanting a BUG and it seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. Originally I had intended to get a small Bera but they had sold it. I am not normally one for spontaneous purchases but I figured with this one I could not...
  17. J

    does anybody here own one of these?

    Centurion AK47 Tactical Pistol Are they worth the money?
  18. J

    awfully quiet in here?

    Do we have so few folks located in NC?
  19. J

    Taurus TCP 380

    Who has one and how do you like it? I liked the size and price, I am looking for a very small micro compact as a BUG.
  20. J

    price check

    I have a question. I have a gun that I would like to find out what it would fetch if I WOULD sell it. I am not trying to actually sell it here so don't yell at me. It's a Winchester 94 that I got in 99, 357mag, 16 inch compact. Not NIB but only about 300 rounds at the most and with the original...