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  1. Rustell

    Please write your Congressman NOW!!! HR 822 to be voted on - example e-mail

    Write your Congressman here... Link Removed
  2. Rustell

    CCW Badge displayed on North American Arms website.

    Badge wearing permit holder.. Link Removed Earlier this year,a man in Washington,shot a dog that was attacking him and his dog.He was a valid permit holder and was wearing such a Badge..(1.15 on the video). I don't understand his motives for wearing such a thing..
  3. Rustell

    Hr 822.. National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011

    A hearing was held last week to hear testimony on HR 822 which will allow you to carry your handgun in any state that allows conceal carry as long as you have a permit from your home state.The video link below is of the hearing held last week..It is a little long,but I had no trouble watching...