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  1. Catfan63

    John Lott Jr on Obama's Gun Control Position

    Interesting article on John Lott, Jr.'s interaction with Chicagoland Obama... Link Removed
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    AutoZone Fires Employee That Stops Armed Robber with His Own Gun

    Here's a good one that should be put on 'The List'--- I know I won't be going back there due to their corporate policy AutoZone employee fired after taking action against ?Fake Beard Bandit? | ? Hampton Roads News & Weather from WTKR Television Newschannel 3
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    When will they learn?

    Link Removed
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    America's Most and Least Peaceful States

    Interesting read... America’s Most (and Least) Peaceful States - 24/7 Wall St.
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    Gunman in Seattle Cafe Hit with Furniture

    Check this out... its a shame that folks weren't a little more situationally aware--- hats off to the dude with the stool... Seattle hero who hit gunman identified -
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    And yet another reason to ALWAYS carry...

    Check out this story from Ohio... Don't know why but I'm still amazed at how deviant people can be... Sheriff: Men were lured to Ohio to be killed | The Columbus Dispatch
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    CCDW While Voting in KY?

    Thanks but I have read the 'actual laws' of my state and they do not specifically ban weapons from voting areas. I was originally asking if anyone had experienced coming to a polling place and encounter signs stating that concealed carry or firearms in general were prohibited. I just left the...
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    CCDW While Voting in KY?

    I've looked for info on this site as this is the first election I've voted in while actively carrying, I was wondering if there are any nasty little signs that are going to pop up when I get to the polls to vote? Thx!
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    Texas Man Refuses To Instruct Muslims in Gun Handling

    Link Removed Good for him... I agree with the rancher in the later part of the article... it's okay for some to say anything they like...
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    Rick Perry's Day Off

    Interesting video of what Rick Perry likes to do on his day off... please move if this is in the wrong forum. <>
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    Yet Again ANOTHER Group Attacking Innocent Citizens!

    I don't get it... guess they won't 'get it' until someone gives it to them Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall « CBS Denver
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    Exercises to Control Recoil?

    I went shooting this weekend and was working on trigger control along with attempting to keep the recoil under control (somewhat) and found I was really lacking in keeping the front sight on the target! :angry: BTW- I'm shooting an XD40 Service if that matters. Any exercises or drills to...
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    Troubling Trends Beginning to Surface

    Link Removed Link Removed This 'mob mentality' is popping up more and more! First the situation in Wisconsin now in Missouri- Since Missouri is a shall-issue state, more than likely, these gangs will come upon someone that has taken their personal safety into consideration --- I hope and pray...
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    Lexington Convention Center= Anti-gun

    Lexington, KY- Lexington Center, including Rupp Arena is off-limits for firearms of any kind ALL THE TIME. I knew that to be the case for UK basketball games but thought that was a university deal- guess not. We are going to the circus there tonight and just found out... I'm not happy about it...
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    Mob at Wisconsin State Fair Racially Motivated?

    Just saw this. Interesting its in Wisconsin where CCW has been enacted- what would you have done in that situation? Police begin probe into mob incidents at State Fair - JSOnline
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    Unarmed Police Force in Norway

    So sad to see what could have saved dozens of young lives if they'd only been armed and aware...
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    Recommended DVDs

    As someone that is just beginning to carry (consistently) and that has regular range time, I have read several books (Mas Ayoob, Cooper, etc). Not being able to afford attending any classes YET, which DVDs would you recommend to give good drills (not static) to help me to be more equipped...