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  1. corneileous

    Is the Tapatalk plug in gone?

    Just as the title says. I just went to glance around and noticed that no content was coming up and I can’t get logged back in after I logging out…
  2. corneileous

    Oklahoma to be next Constitutional Carry state November first! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. corneileous

    Got me a new addition to the family!

    Well, I’ve been trying to decide on a smaller pocket pistol for when those days come up where I can’t wear my baggy denim shorts with the large front pockets to carry my LC9s in its pocket holster and, I was thinking really heavily towards a little 380 but the gun store had one of these and I...
  4. corneileous

    Looking at getting a Desert Eagle...44 magnum or 50AE...[emoji41]

    Just as the title says. Lol. I guess depending on what caliber I go with, I’m not really looking to carry it, just have it as a novelty. Lol. I’ve always been fascinated by the big, 4-pound, solid stainless Desert Eagle pistols like the one Don Johnson carried in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro...
  5. corneileous

    Can't log on to the site when connected to my wifi...

    Alright, yes I just sent an email to somebody from the main site under the "contact us" section but I figgered I'd throw my question down here.... I haven't tried it on my laptop yet but from my iPhone, I just now pinpointed that when I noticed this problem a few days ago that I can't access...
  6. corneileous

    Need a new rear sight for Savage 30-30 bolt action rifle

    Got a very old Stevens Savage 30-30 rifle that needs a new rear sight or even just the little staircase looking thing that goes in the center of it so that the elevation can be set. Thanks. x
  7. corneileous

    Broken Arrow shooting.

    Link Removed That certainly is unfortunate that this had to happen, to kids no less but I sure am glad they won't be prosecuting the kid for his use of deadly force.
  8. corneileous

    Looking for a decent pistol safe.

    Looking to get a pistol safe either like, or similar to the two pictured. Just curious if any of you guys use one of these and what you think of them or have any ideas or input. I'm thinking of getting one so that I can leave my house pistol on the headboard or in the nightstand or something...
  9. corneileous

    Trying to log in to site from Tapatalk but.....

    Trying to login from Tapatalk but I keep getting a pop up message saying login failed. Says there is a problem with the forum. Says to please contact the forum administrator or try again later. I've been trying to login since early afternoon today. I'm assuming the site is fine if I can login...
  10. corneileous

    Home made mattress holster...

    It's certainly not as attractive as the one I saw online for nearly 30 bucks but it'll sure do the Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. corneileous

    Does a concealed open carry holster exist??

    And by that, I mean a holster that doesn't go in between your waist and the waistband of your jeans but is concealed enough to the point to where it doesn't make you look like you're carrying like in a typical OWB holster, or am I just bound to continue using my pocket holster as my EDC? Which...
  12. corneileous

    Looking for compact single stack 40 caliber pistol.

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm looking for a single stack compact or sub compact pistol for conceal carry in a 40 S&W. I've seen a bunch in 9 mm like the Taurus slim, beretta nano and lc9 or lc9s in Ruger but the only one so far in a 40 I've seen is the smith and Wesson mp shield...
  13. corneileous

    Anyone tried the HPR Black Ops rounds?

    Bought a couple boxes of it in the 105 grain 40 S&W caliber to try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. corneileous

    Deciding between Ruger LC9s, Ruger SC40 or Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact for conceal

    Stuck between those three for conceal carry. I already have a full size PX4 in a 40 but because of its size, conceal carry on me is out of the question with this gun. Tried it the other day with an Alien Gear 3.0 IWB holster and it just didn't work out. I haven't got to handle the little...
  15. corneileous

    Just introducing my self.

    Just sayin hi from Oklahoma. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk