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    Question about home carry/defense and alcohol

    Just wondering: Do all of you lock up your gun if you are carrying around the house and decide you want a beer (or glass of wine, or whatever)? I have been.... I generally carry around the house. But if I want a beer I'll go lock it up. Got me to wondering...what if some jerk picked the...
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    Hotel, Convention Center

    I am going to Lexington Wednesday, and admittedly did not think to research KY carry laws until a couple of days ago. Was just going along, like an ignorant goob, and now I am coming up short on info. :redface: Does KY allow carry in hotels? I don't see them listed on the prohibited carry...
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    Butler County CCW turnaround

    Butler County, Ohio, that is. I called for my appointment to apply for my CCW and it was scheduled several months (can't remember exactly, but it was like 5 months) out, July 8. Applied then and today, July 10, I get a call from the Sherriff's office that it is ready for pickup! I was...
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    Can't find answer to this either: +p 380 auto

    I can't figure this out. I need a "gun sensei" to teach me some stuff. I'm looking for ammo on line for my sig p238. I see a place that has 100gr tmj, good price. Marked as new, not reloads. Since most of what I've seen is 90grains(have also seen 85 and 95), not sure what constitutes +p...
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    stupid noob question about remanufactured ammo

    I tried a couple of searches, but didn't find the answer I was looking for. Would any of you purchase remanufactured ammo online? I see where surplus ammo and arms is selling remanufactured 380 auto for $239.99/500 rounds. My problem is whether to trust it. I don't want to do something that...
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    Making my own list

    No gun buster signs: Wal Mart Meijer Target Garden Ridge (cincinnati) Michaels Lowe's Home Depot Half Price Books I live in West Chester, OH. Most of these are in West Chester, but some are in neighboring communities, like the Garden Ridge and Half Price Books. Until I get my CCW I'm making...
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    Morris Home Furnishings, Ashley Furniture

    "No weapons" sign on the door to both. Cincinnati, OH