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    Holster for a big girl

    Question on the Flashbang. How comfy is this where the back of the gun rests under your bosom? My wife has a heat rash issue occasionally and I am afraid this my cause some irritation in that area.
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    Good rifle for long range target practice???

    How bout this bad boy !! Link Removed Barrett .50 Cal :)
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    What ????

    Wow they really are trying to attack us from all fronts. I personally know at least ten people ( half women) that have recently purchased fire arms for the first time. What a crock. The National Memo » Gun Lobby Defends Not The Constitution But A Cynical Business Model
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    This is where we are headed.

    Link Removed Any day now they will try this.
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    Biden on home defense

    This is a hilarious video I just had to share. Feb 27, 2013 1:32pm | Facebook
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    CC or OC in vehicle in Arkansas

    I have been researching and can't seem to get an answer. If I am in my personal vehicle do I have to keep my gun concealed or can it be exposed in a mounted holster? I am not talking about throwing it up on the dash or waving it in the window. I just want to have access to it and not have to put...
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    Question about reciprocity

    I think i am understanding the reciprocity chart. I live in Arkansas and have a resident Arkansas CHCL permit. Florida (or any of the yellow states) accepts my resident Arkansas permit. If I had a non-resident permit they would not. I am pretty sure that is correct but I am travelling there soon...
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    CC business list

    There was a post earlier that asked for a list of businesses that allow/don't allow carry. Here is a link to a site that we should use to make this as visible as possible. If these locations are made very public maybe they will reconsider their positions. Friend or Foe - Pro and Anti Gun...
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    Lets approach this from another angle

    How many of you have never had to draw your weapon and how long have you been carrying and are you open or CC. I think the opportunities to use your weapon for self defense are few and far between but the stories about people having the ability and opportunity to defend themselves are good to...
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    Not sure if I understand some people

    I have noticed since I began reading these forums that there seem to be a lot of manly posts about how "I carry on my job even though they don't allow it" "I carry whether it is legal or not" "If it is concealed who's gonna know". Isn't the idea behind getting the permit to show you are an...
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    Taurus Millenium action stuck closed

    I was attempting to clean my pt145 for the first time and followed the directions in the book. Locked slide back, pulled pin, pulled trigger and let slide go forward. The slide stopped in almost normal closed postion maybe a little past and locked. It won't go back or forward and the trigger is...