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    72 year old arrested for having flintlock pistol in New Jersey

    Link Removed The article has a link to his defense fund. While he may not be have a CCW he can use our help
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    Concealed Carry with Ankylosing Spondylitis

    I have had Ankylosing Spondylitis for many years but it has never presented any major problems with my concealed carry. First a short explanation, Ankylosing Spondylitis or A.S. is severe pain in the lower back brought on by fusing of the vertebrae. Until recently I was able to carry IWB all day...
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    Moving to the Nashville area. Could use your help!

    My wife and I will be moving, hopefully in a couple months. Any suggestions what area in or around Nashville would be good to move to?:confused:
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    White House Petion for Illinois Conceaaled Carry

    The site has a petition asking for concealed carry in the state of IL. it can be found at sign the petition, it needs another 23,393...
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    I Love John Kass

    Read his column about Illinois being last:mad: in citizen's rights. Link Removed He is the only reason I read the Trib, he's got the whole political picture here down pat. He is the only writer that gets the facts right while giving me a chuckle.:sarcastic:
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    Emanuel wins with 55% of the vote

    Are Chicago voters really that stupid? Or is it the graveyard vote that allows them to keep on picking such terrible mayors? Glad I don't live in the city but whoever is mayor of that town affects the rest of the state.