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    Personal data in ISP website may have been compromised

    Instead of my permit, which was approved six days ago, I got a letter from Illinois State Police, telling me I may need to monitor my credit reports for the next year. They discovered a breach in their security and there had been unauthorized access to some applicant data. Anyone who applied...
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    Heads up for Illinois applicants

    We have both read and been told, CC applications may take an additional 30 days, if fingerprints are not submitted along with the app. During my CCW class we had an opportunity to get the fingerprints done. I was one of a few, who opted to get that done. Turns out, it was a very good choice...
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    For Illinois instructors

    Reading the FAQ's on State Police website is quite confusing, and, in more than one area, it leaves credit for prior training, up to discretion of the instructor. Then, in the area of a DD214, it shows no discretion at all. Examples: One posted question: Any credit for hunter safety class...
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    Un-bias reviews

    I'm looking for a compact 9MM for concealed carry. I'd like to find one that has 10 + capacity, grip fits my hand, lightweight, has second strike capability, and has accessory rail, or laser sight available. Problem is finding un-biased reviews, real specification numbers, and side by side...