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    Binoculars for coyote hunting

    I am looking for a set of binoculars to use for coyote hunting. I am interested in any feedback but have been considering Steiner predator line. Now they also have a Nighthunter line so even more confused. Not sure which would be better in Southeast. Would like to be able to use hunting other...
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    Training Sites

    I have shot pistols and shotguns most of my life but have had very little formal instruction. I am considering going to one of the intensive training sites to learn more about defensive handgun shooting and to get constructive feedback to improve my skills. I have been receiving many offers to a...
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    Lack of clothing and accessories for women

    I have found myself frustrated with the fact that it seems that most retailers seem to forget women even exist when putting items on sale. There are several sites I use to get good prices during sales but it always seems that any gender specific items are for males with one or two items for...