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    Struggles of discrimination

    Open Carrier Discrimination - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 04/12/10 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
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    Fox News??? Wtf??

    Dunno but alot of ppl here like Fox news. I never did. But they won't let Ufc use Gun sponsors anymore. Which I thought was cool. That how I found alot of my deals.Don't make scence unless I'm reading wrong??:confused::confused::confused::bad::bad::bad: Maybe it's in the wrong Forum? Ufc pro Fox...
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    Here how you keep Gun crimes down

    Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World - YouTube
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    Condition 1

    Good thing Cops carry in condition one. He still was cut. Link Removed Don't think the butter cup methoid would have worked. And it took 7? Shots to bring him down?
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    CNN does report good news suckass

    Link Removed
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    Waiting period = handgun

    With a Cpl there is no waiting period? Is this correct? TIA