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    Cheaper than dirt gouging customers

    Called Cheaper than dirt last night. After waiting about 10 minutes to speak to someone, I asked about 9mm ammo. Was told $65.00 plus for a box of 50. Went to academy sports and paid $14.06 including tax Will not do business with Cheaper than dirt. Military Man
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    Concealed Carry Resources

    Would it be possible for it to be listed by states where those of us who are carrying under LEOSA, where we are not allowed to carry? Thank you Military Man
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    LEOAS 18usc 926c

    There has been a change in Federal Law regarding who can carry as retired law enforcement. As of Jan 3, 2013 All honorable retired Military retired law enforcement including those who have 10 years of Military Law Enforcement service can now get the credentials to carry. Please go to your...
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    Oregon reciprosity

    Does Oregon reconize other states permits? Have a Texas permit. Thanks
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    open carriers will be murdered

    This idiot is the perfect reason for birth control and abortion
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    Retired LE Bill Changes S 1132

    house The house verson included retired military law enforcement, the senate did not. I was hoping the final version did.
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    Serving on Juries

    Remember when you are on a jury, you do not have to convict anyone of anything. If you donot like the law or think things are unfair-DO NOT CONVICT Nothing the Government, Judge or anyone else can do about it.
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    Pentagon to adopt uniform rules on guns.

    I am new to USA Carry. Came accross the above article on the NRA site. I have contacted me senator and rep. about the possibility of retired military and other licensed carriers being allowed to carry on military bases. Below is my message that was sent to Sen Cornyn. If enough people...