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    why would you WANT to have to hit somebody with a bullet?

    The odds are 100 to one that you AINT skilled enough to properly handle the situation, so LUCK will be the main determinant of the outcome, if you actually have to "shoot him into the ground", and nobody wants the expense and hassle of the legal situation arising after you've shot somebody...
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    how will you stay warm? can't burn wood, smoke is visible/smellable for many miles.

    . If shtf, I mean. Carbon monoxide and C)2 are likely to kill you if you fall asleep without adquate ventilation in an enclosure, with coals burning or residual gases. Those gases are scentless. You must, in advance, dig a a small underground, shelter with reflective insulation, as sold for...
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    shtf, nail studded sticks all over the roads. cars stalled everywhere.

    everybody desperate to take YOUR vehicle, and your stuff. How you gonna handle that, hmm? IF you make it to your chosen BOL, what to do with the vehicle then? leave tracks right up to where you are going to stay? leave the vehicle out where it will reflect light and attract attention? How far do...
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    is the gov't shutdown delaying or stopping disability checks for vets?

    mine's not showed up, but it's possible that I have another issue.
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    lil test of gunhandling speed for you.

    Stand with your airsoft pistol in one hand, 2 soda cans in the other. Arms should be fully outstretched, in front of you, at nose height. You feet should be shoulder width apart, toes, hips and shoulders aligned. Hold the gun palm down, it's a bit faster. Finger outside the trigger guard, safety...
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    Jeff Cooper knew CAp Hardy, who had known Ed McGivern. Asked how good McGivern was

    with a handgun. McGivern was PAID by walt Goeff to do nothng but cast bullets load,shoot and then TEACH goeff, (a local rich rancher). CAp said.. "Ed was the best there ever was. It's a damned shame that he has to lie about it!". The famous trick of hitting 5 tossed up glass globes, with a...
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    I'm going to Phills next year.

    I've got half a dozen potential young wives "lined up". I'll take a couple of months to sort it out, file for her visa, return here to wait for her. Got a job lined up for her that wll clear her, after tax, 300k in 6 years. I get half. she spends about 90k on her living expenses here, and has 60...
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    5 shots fired (overhead) 19 attackers stopped. 5 cases,no hits. 3 of my students,

    a friend of mine and me personally. One was a cop in TX with whom I had served in the Army. Working a small town, he had occasion to serve a felony warrant in a bar. He got the intended arrestee cuffed, and 7 of his buddies decided that they weren't going to allow this. James hit one with his...
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    Speer manual's ballistic calculator

    plug in the .22lr's velocity, bullet shape and material, and SEE how much "power" a .22 rifle has left at 1/4 mile. :-) With a heavy coat on,, you can cover your neck and head with your arms, turn your back on it and LAUGH. Ditto a 4" barreled .22 handgun at 300 yds. It will have all the...
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    better yet, see if you can MATCH his feats. :-) your local library can order his book, from the lnterlibrary system. Ernie was a paid exhibition shooter for Winchester, back in the 50's. He was trained by the legendary Ad Topperwein. both men could turn a pump .22 sideways, pointed low in front...
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    tossed up soda cans are great training.

    guys don't like the idea, tho, cause they just aint GOOD enough to hit something that small, moving that fast. :-) actually, if you train properly, it's fairly easy. Use Airsoft guns, so that shots are 1c each, quiet, no safey hazard and you can SEE the pellet in flight. That is a BIG...
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    what diff does it make who I am? why waste bandwidth on such bs?

    hmm? cause I make you feel inept, or what?
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    falling handgun bullets are not lethal

    General Hatcher, back in the 30's, IIRC, had troops put 1" boards over the firing pits of belt fed mg's, and fire straight up. By having a small island in the middel of a lagoon, bullet splashes were used to direct the fire until the fallling slugs hit the boards. the impacts proved tht the...
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    why not just have a spare "practice" gun, very similar to your ccw gun?

    then the burden of fouling and wear does not fall upon the "carry gun". I wax the ccw gun's outsides, and use LockEase graphite on the high friction areas. The wax takes care of the rust issues and seriously cuts back on blueing wear, even for use in plastic holsters. The graphite doesn't...
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    upsetting facts.

    everyone is convinced (without anything like reason) that they can reliably, without ear protection, while being shot at, standing in the open, hit the (maybe) 12"'wide circle of the chest, at 25 yds. gee, that means that they can reliably hit the 4" circle of the brain, at 8 yds, DOESNT IT...
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    better to be swift/accurate with .22 than slow/miss with .45. Granted

    right now and for the foreseeable future, .22lr is hard to find and 15c a shot when you do, but that still beats 30c a shot for centerfires, by a wide margin. if you "can't afford" a $400 gun, how can you possibly afford to shoot centerfires enough to be any good? Cops shoot 500 rds a year and...
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    3 sided, hollow metal cane/stick is much stronger, more effective than round tubing.

    I made mine 4 ft long, with a cane crook about 1 ft down from the top, and it's a SWORD that I can carry almost anyplace. :-) It's got a heavy, QD "head", for throwing, and it breaks in half, with a 1/3rd twist, for ease of carry or "2 stick" fighting style, via a ferrule with male and female...
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    having stuff cached, 1 night's travel away, means BOB only needs to weigh 35 lbs.

    including 6 lbs of body armor. If you need to support a wife who's turned her ankle, or carry a kid, 70 lbs of gear is out of the question. So, it's best to just pick out what you'd jettison under those conditions,and figure out a way to do without it, right from the gate.. :-) Also, have a pair...
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    know what a clunk Makarov would be worth, if nobody else had a gun?

    5k $ each. Who would pay that hmm? The same guys who pay it in Japan. The ones who are going to use it to make 1/4 million $ a year with their crimes, that's who! A million illegal people and thousands of tons of dope cross our borders each year! Why "think" that PLENTY of guns would not make...
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    I'd MUCH rather have to finish the mag well area and stockthread

    than try to get the holes located/straight for the firing group!95% AR 15 Lower Receiver, ATF Approved!!! Shipping Now! - AR15.COM