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    Florida carry into a bank

    In Florida can a CCW holder carry in a bank? Of course i know that it would have to be concealed. I have asked numerous people and LEO's this question and have gotten different answers. I haven't been able to get a direct answer from the Internet searches I've done either. I admittedly am not...
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    Need more training!

    I really feel that there should be some additional training that is needed to obtain and renew your CCW license. I got my CCW and immediately began training. I started getting in range time, tactical training, and home practicing my draw and sight acquisition. I now feel more equipped and...
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    carrying in car question

    I live in FL. When I am driving to and from wherever I often will remove my Glock 23 from my holster where I carry at 3 o'clock and place it on the floorboard by my feet. I have a nice tuckable place that is easy to get to. FL law says that a gun has to be securely in a zipped or locked case/...