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    Gun Owners Win the Opening Battle on Obamacare

    I don't understand. The bill S. 1776 is the "Medicare Physicians Fairness Act". What does that have to do with guns????
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    Dozen Armed With Guns Protest Obama Speech

    Well said Marine... and no I was not using my disability as a crutch.. as a retired Fleet Marine Hospital Corpsman I open carry when ever I can but there are some places I will not carry at, one is when the President is there.. sorry but I still respect that position.. the President is the...
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    VFW no guns concealed or otherwise

    Stopped at the local VFW today and there on the door was posted "no guns concealed or otherwise". You would think of all places the VFW would at least honor your right to carry a weapon.. I live in North Carolinia and yes you cannot carry in a place that serves drinks but this VFW was in...
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    Pistol-packing Pa. soccer mom loses gun permit

    You bet things would have been different if she were wearing that shiny "metal oval". Looks like they went a little too far with this one..
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    D.C.: Heller gets his permit

    WOW this rates a GAF factor of about 2
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    Don’t Believe Obama!

    Lots of facts --but -- if something don't happen soon ---- FACT -- Barack Obama will be our next president.... I would not worry about him it is his wife America needs to fear......
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    AK-47 or Nail Gun?

    Anti-gun person at home depot Don't know if I would call them anti-gun.. I would get a little upset if I saw someone with an AK-47 in Home Depot and I love guns.. just don't like to think someone would take an AK-47 to home depot with a banana clip... I think they were just trying to get...