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    Is this Hotel California??????

    Apparently you can check in but you can't check out....
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    Postal Worker Shot and Killed in Maryland

    On duty and with a concealed permit, I am not sure if postal workers are allowed to carry. But if they aren't, then our government should reconsider. Certain neighborhoods in America where our postal workers go and deliver mail, you couldn't pay me to go there. (CNN) -- Authorities are offering...
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    George Zimmerman Arrested Again

    Actually I haven't researched it to see...but if there was a movie would it be a blockbuster or a bust???
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    What is going on? Where was the stun gun?

    This is terrible news out of Dallas. Two thugs of a different breed take down a female. Why didn't zoo officials use a stun gun? Dallas Zoo lion kills lioness in front of visitors -
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    Another court case involving our security company

    Blues, just came back from the poetry is much safer over here with you guys... Link Removed
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    Raleigh NC Gun and Knife show Nov. 23rd and 24th

    Am I the only one going??? Link Removed
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    Respect your firearm and it will respect you - hunter shoots part of his face off

    This is a tragedy and another reason why you should respect your firearm. Maine hunter accidentally shoots part of his face off showing rifle to friends | Fox News
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    Do we really need TOY GUNS? - Deputy Shoots and Kills teen!

    These mistakes are becoming way to common. A few years ago, when I was chosen for jury duty. This was the same type of incident, only it wasn't a police officer and a teenager. The case was two guys dealing drugs and the not so lucky one had a toy gun in the car. The other guy who had the real...
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    Dad's lesson ends in tragedy

    Thanks Blues, this is why your one of my favorites on usa carry :P
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    Another reason to carry concealed everyday - Shooting at LAX

    I am very happy they caught the psycho! My prayers go out to victims and also to the families of the injured and murdered. Link Removed
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    Happy Halloween!

    Trick or Treat! A treat for everyone!
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    Another irresponsible parent should be indicted for murder - Nevada School Shooting

    More irresponsible parents another dead child and more victims. These parents should be arrested immediately. (CNN) -- A student opening fire with a handgun he took from his parents. Screaming students running for cover. A teacher, trying to help, shot dead. Two students wounded. As...
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    2 Year old shoots herself to death - article from HP

    I like this user's comment... HUFFPOST SUPER USER JEANO01 79 Fans 1 hour ago ( 6:59 PM) This IS NOT an accident. Whoever left that gun where a two year old could get it should be charged with murder. ------------------------- A 2-year-old girl is dead after accidentally shooting herself with...
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    what should i do now?

    Thanks Blues! I definitely have no unanswered questions after your explanation. Thanks so much and I will update you after my next range visit. You are absolutely the best!...:)
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    what should i do now?

    Thanks SGB! You are the best! I will run over to wally world this afternoon and pick up this item before I start cleaning. Thanks also for helping me with the limping it. :)
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    what should i do now?

    Thanks Bill for your nice comments and you are very welcome. I hope to go back to the range asap. Just want to see how the px4 performs after cleaning. So maybe early this coming week like Monday or Tuesday. :)
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    Clint Eastwood is awesome

    Love this guys sense of humour Clint goes to the point, "when somebody does not do the job..we gotta let them go"
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    what should i do now?

    Wow impressive!!! Looks like you put a hurting on the target. Do you go to an outdoor shooting range???
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    what should i do now?

    Thanks Bill for this nice compliment...more impressed with your skills than mine.......glad I purchased the range membership...maybe I can find another shooting partner... oh yea I was going to tell you the LP guy who spoke with me a couple of days ago, doesn't know anything about guns. For...
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    what should i do now?

    Oh yea I really like the pics thanks for posting!