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  1. trophyhunter

    Another Shooting in Buffalo

    Yesterday An Trama Surgeon, and Former Army Ranger Medic Shot and Killed his suspected Girlfriend in a stairwell at ECMC Hospitol in Buffalo. This will ignite the Gun Control Politicians in New York State Punishing us, the legally Armed Citizens in New York.I pray for this womens family she was...
  2. trophyhunter

    Rock Island 1911 .38 Super

    Good day to all my fellow Shooters. I wanted to share with you all of my new Purchase. Quick reference first back in November 2011 I purchased the American Classic II 1911 .45 ACP which I fell in Love with So as time went on I found the Rock Island Armory 1911 .38 Super Rock Island also...
  3. trophyhunter

    To all NYS (Erie County) Pistol Permit Holders

    I just left Mr.Wilmer Fowler (Supevisor of Erie Counties Pistol Permit Department) Dec 16,2011 @ 1145 AM I was advised by Mr.Fowler, that if you have an Restricted NYS Pistol Permit to Hunting/ Target That you are NOT Allowed to Carry your Weapon Loaded,and or Concealed while you...
  4. trophyhunter

    Archery Hunting

    Archery Hunting Mishap !!! I've been Archery Hunting Since I was 16 Years old,Some 30 plus years ago. I dont Consider myself an Expert, or one of those Pro-Staff member's from one of the many TV Shows. I have shot allot of Nice, Respectable Bucks, along with my fair share of Doe's. The biggest...
  5. trophyhunter

    To all Veterans

    My Family, and I are wishing all Veterans Happy Veterans day. Thank you ever so much for your Service. To all the Heros who didn't come home God Bless you all. There are Truly no words That I could Express how thankful We are for thier Ultimate Sacrafice that they made. To Insure we live...
  6. trophyhunter

    Mishap at Emergency Room

    Last night My wife,and I took our 4 year old to Mercy Hospitol's ER. She had a fever of 104 Upon arriving, I proceeded to go to the Security Office to have them stow my sidearm while we where in the ER. The Hospitol has an No-weapons policy. which I fully Understand. After the Security Gaurd...
  7. trophyhunter

    Western New York USACARRY Members

    So often in life we Communicate with poeple, and never get to meet Face,to Face. I would like to get all WNY Members together. We can meet at a restaurant,mall,coffee shop, or where ever. If interested reply to post, and we can set something up.
  8. trophyhunter

    Great Shooting

    Today I decieded to go to my Gun Range. Upon arriving I could see, and hear another shooter up on the hill. After I signed in,I proceeded to head up hill to the range. Once I got up to the range I was surprized to see a lone women shooting. I then asked her if she minded if I could shoot with...
  9. trophyhunter

    New American Classic II 1911 .45 ACP

    I just purchased this new Americamn Classic 1911 from BKARMS. WOW, What a great 1911 for under $450.00 I own several 1911's including my favorite my Para Hawg which I carry every day. but this new 1911 shoots great,no mis-fires,very accurate a nice solid 1911 for the price. anyone considering...
  10. trophyhunter

    Confritation while Carrying today

    Confrontation while Carrying today Confrontation while Carrying I was invited to my friends hunting cabin today for a party. While there inside the cabin,I took off my outer shirt off because it was hot. And at that point my Sidearm was exsposed.Thats when this half drunk lady through a fit...
  11. trophyhunter

    Dont buy Ammo from Walmart

    Attention New York Ccwers, According to New York Rifle & Pistol Association Walmart is requiring CCW Holders to show your Pistol Permit when purchasing Handgun Ammo, At which point they are recording your CCW permit Information. Jeoporzing your privacy. Walmart sells Customers information to...
  12. trophyhunter

    Lucky Day

    I had purchased a small piece of property about a year ago.On the property sat a old out house I finally decieded to tear it down and fill it in. when I began to take it apart I found an old military bag looks like an Yomans bag hidden under the seat in a concealable drawer inside where several...
  13. trophyhunter

    American Classic ll 1911

    I just received my new American Classic ll 1911. Took it to the Range Yesterday Evening. I put about 45 rounds through it,and I'm Completely Impressed. For an 1911 thats sells less than $450.00 I give the Weapon a 9 out of 10,At 10 yards I had roughly an Baseball size group. At 20 yards I had...
  14. trophyhunter

    Happy 4th of July

    I want to wish every member, and their families an Happy 4th July while we are all Celebrating today please take a moment to say a prayer for all of our Troops away from their Families.
  15. trophyhunter

    Becoming an Certified Instructor

    How would someone begin the process, to become an Certified Instructor for the NRA. To be able to teach Basic Handgun Safety Course for New Applicants, that would like to apply for their Pistol Permits
  16. trophyhunter

    Mt.Juliet Tn

    I will be coming to Mt.Juliet Tn soon to visit my Sister. I know That Tennessee honors my New York State Pistol Permit.My Question is,Do I have to Carry Concealed, or can I open Carry?
  17. trophyhunter

    .338 Lapua Interest.

    Need some honest, Intelligent input.I've taken a strong interest in the.338 Lapua Caliber,After doing Research on this Round I think, I have narrowed my results down to. #1- Van Dyke Rifle Designs M-24 SuperMagnum #2- Sako TRG-42 #3- McMillan Tactical TAC.338 Does anyone here own, or have shot...
  18. trophyhunter

    Seal Team Six

    For those of you that were Navy Seals, or still are.Why would the Military advertise the team number that took out Bin Laden.I thought that in fear of Possible Retaililations agaisnt them they would have kept that a secret.
  19. trophyhunter

    Happy Fathers Day to All Dads

    Hope you all have a great day...
  20. trophyhunter

    Would Like Some Information

    Good afternoon my Fellow CCW Holders from Alaska; My Name is Jim I live in Western New York Area. It's been a life long dream of mine to go to Alaska for a Vacation. I was wondering if any of you could reccomend any Camping Area's for Myself and, Two Sons. I really dont want a place that is to...