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    Carrying crossdraw

    Started this week carrying in a crossdraw appendix spot. Found it to be a very comfortable position and easy to draw from. Plus I don't have to worry about bending over and printing like I did when I carried just behind my hip. Anybody else like crossdraw?
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    LC9 trigger mod

    First off I don't have anything to do with this company, just found them when doing a yahoo search on LC9 mods. There is a company called Galloway Precision and they make a hammer and trigger bar that shortens the trigger pull by half. According to the company you need both pieces for it to...
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    Painting front sights.

    I have a couple of pistols I want to paint the front sights on. Both are flat black now. Changing sights isn't an option right now. I've read about folks using white out but I'dlike something that will last a while. What kind of paint will last the longest?
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    How do you practice?

    I'm a member of a local club plus we have a public range close by. I shoot a defensive pistol match once a month and also try to get in some practice time in between. I see folks at both places drawing from holsters or just sitting at a bench and shooting for groups, then holster and leave...
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    Got spotted in a gun store

    I was carrying my LC9 when I stopped by a local gun store looking for a sizing die. I had on a cover shirt that covers the entire gun but it seems when I bent over at the waist to look on a low shelf it printed very well. Then a voice from behind the counter ask me what kind of 45 I was...