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    serious ccw question

    So the other night I was at the billiards hall/ bar I am an Iowa resident where bar carry is legal. I was not drinking and was eating a burger I ordered from there... I ran into a girl I knew that does not like me who knows I carry, she asked if I was and responded yes. She told me I was not...
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    First Carry Gun

    Link RemovedWell how much are you planning on spending? The xd is good but I personally have the problem of not being able to shoot when my pinky finger is hanging in the middle of nowhere, if you have the same problem I might suggest the berreta px 4 compact, or if price isn't an issue then Sig...
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    Sig sauer p239 carry

    If anyone has troubles with compacts where your pinky hangs off in lala land, I would suggest the Sig p 239. It is small easily concealed but supports your pinky, it is a little on the pricey side $700 +
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    Best answer when asked why I carry?

    Ok so here's what I always say to the people who ask me why I carry. It's simple and straight forward feel free to use this response. This works for CCW or open carry. The scenerio starts with me at the mini golf course OC because it was more comfortable when a woman and her son come up behind...
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    List of all companies, organizations, people, and businesses that are anti-gun.

    Here's the link that may help people (anti-gun people are also listed eventhough it irrelevant) Link Removed Hope this helps you!
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    ccw chat on text plus

    Ccw chat on text plus works on Android and iPhone search text plus on the market. It is 100% free, you can also use your computer to sign up for sms messages. Go to communities and type in... ccwchat
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    mad with Sig sauer need advise!

    I recently bought a Sig 239 on Sept 1 from a local gun store, they ordered the firearm that day and it is now Sun and I still don't have it. When they went to look up where it was at there was no tracking number, any ideas of what I should do?
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    Iowaccw on

    Hey everyone, I recently started a new group on textplus, which is a live chat system, I thought it'd be a neat idea to meet up with others in my area and make some new friends who believe in protection. Textplus is available for free on the iPhone and Android market.. step 2 go to groups on the...
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    open carry in Iowa

    Hey just wondering about the open carry in Iowa that happened the first of the year. Here's some of the questions I have: Is the firearm supposed to be empty like in CA or can it be loaded? Can businesses remove you from property even if no signs are posted? And by remove I mean not asking you...