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    Still not comfortable

    Check out Link Removed They're similar to a crossbreed being leather backer with kydex gun pocket that locks into the triggerguard for retention, but they allow more holes for adjustment, and you can do your own custom "combat cut" according to the depth and cant you want it to ride at without...
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    Sig Sauer P238 Recoil Spring

    Having a few Sig P238s in the family, I figured it might be a good idea to keep a few parts around cause they're cheap and you never know when you'll slip and lose something or the likes. All the Sigs in the family have serials up in the 27A06xxxx+ range, all have identical inner parts, and all...
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    Sig sauer p238

    Punch, all very well thought out points. Only military I know of that's carried a 1911 type pistol without a chambered round cocked and locked is the Israeli army and they teach the slide rack as part of the draw, it's very effective, but more room for mistake than flipping a safety lever in my...
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    Pistol Safes.

    I was wondering how well the various electric lock boxes for pistols work and what sort of experiences folk have had with them. I've been looking at the BioBox >> Link Removed and the GunVault Micro >> Link Removed I was wondering how long the batteries generally last with daily use and how...