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  1. nca_mm

    Help with this scenario, please.

    OK, a whole bunch of family is going to the beach this weekend. On Saturday night, 6 of us plan to go out to eat. Help me out with this.....when we get up in the morning & go down to the beach, I'll consume some beer. Well, around 4:00ish I'm sure I'll come in, shower up, & get ready to go...
  2. nca_mm

    My state's primary is this weekend (S.C.). Please help me pick the right candidate.

    I want to pick the one that can win in November. Literally torn between Bush, Cruz, Rubio, & Trump. Give me some good advice!
  3. nca_mm

    This really, REALLY has me pissed off! (Kershaw Co.)

    I mean, can a man no longer protect what's his?! Link Removed
  4. nca_mm

    For those of you in the upstate and/or those who attend Clemson sporting events....

    I hope you don't give this place any of your hard earned money!
  5. nca_mm

    Anyone know of a "no gun=no business" type of card for South Carolina CWP holders?

    Anyone know of a "no gun=no business" type of card for South Carolina CWP holders? Kinda similar to this one.
  6. nca_mm

    My wife is traveling to N.Carolina this weekend & wants to carry her pistol, but....

    My wife is traveling to N.Carolina this weekend & wants to carry her pistol, but.... ....she is not a CWP holder. I just spent the last 45 minutes of my life reading N.C. law on this, as well as going to the site. Can one of you N.Carolina citizens please tell me how she can...
  7. nca_mm

    S.308 (restaurant carry) debate from 4/17/13

    Which of you fine upstanding gentlemen wanna take a crack @ interpreting & explaining all of this to us plain-talking country folk? Click Me!
  8. nca_mm

    CWP holders in schools

    Got the following email from Rep. Lowe of Florence this a.m. He's the man that has the guts to proposed a bill that would allow CWP holders to carry in schools. Email obviously got to me late, as the subcommittee mtg. is now in progress. Dear Second Amendment Advocate I am writing to ask...
  9. nca_mm

    I know I'm being Captain Obvious here, but we got some stupid laws in SC.

    Yesterday, I ordered a Phoenix Arms HP22 for my wife. She wants one. Well, the order went through & as I was talking to my local FFL dealer, he informed me that he couldn't take the transfer b/c it was illegal for him to do so. Said the gun would melt @ less than 800 degrees. Sent me a link...
  10. nca_mm

    Tombstone Tactical

    Tell me about any positive or negative experiences in buying from them, please. Thanks..............I'll hang up & listen.
  11. nca_mm

    Wife wants a Beretta 21A Bobcat .22

    Can I hear from some of y'all with experience shooting this pistol, please? Thanks! (sorry, I tried to search for it but got impatient)
  12. nca_mm

    I'm a S.Carolina CWP holder. About to go to Florida for a couple of weeks....

    I know GA doesn't recognize our permit. What am I to do with my pistol while traveling through Georgia for about 2 hours? Thanks.
  13. nca_mm

    Ruger P95....anyone own one?

    Thinking that may be my next purchase.
  14. nca_mm

    Question to the Bersa Thunder .380 owners/carriers.........

    What IWB holster have you had the best experience with? Thanks!
  15. nca_mm

    Idiot question of the month (figured this was an excellent month to post such)

    What do the letters LEO stand for? I believe L to be licensed & O to be officer. What about the E?
  16. nca_mm

    Hello. My name is Juan Pablo Montoya. You kill my jet dryer. Prepare to die!

    What an idiot! Unbelievable!
  17. nca_mm

    So what, exactly, is the problem with S.Carolina & Georgia honoring each other

    When I took the CWP class, our instructor told us a story of how some time ago, our then SLED chief was involved in a pissing match with his Georgia equivalent, & one of the results of said pissing match was the 2 border states not honoring each other's permits. Anyone else heard this or know of...
  18. nca_mm

    Casings: aluminum vs. brass vs. steel

    Aside from the obvious of brass being the best to reload, what are the pros & cons of each? Go!