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  1. J

    America is NOT the greatest country...

    Thoughtful answer, thanks!
  2. J

    Obama’s Congress Opens With Muslim Imam’s Prayer To Allah

    And you could stop posting stuff from the VOICE OF RUSSIA or ALEX JONES INFOWARS. I really don't know if you really believe all this stuff or just get a kick out of getting people all riled up about it?
  3. J

    Walmart has really pissed me off!

    That's from January and I believe it has been debunked.
  4. J

    Looking for entry level concealed carry pistol?

    Budget seems to be a concern I feel here. So I am gonna go out on a limb and suggest something exotic: Surplus CZ82. Cheap to be had but NOT a cheaply made gun. Reliable and easy to shoot. Link Removed
  5. J

    specific Texas question

    Does TX issue CCW permits to legal resident aliens? Does TX allow potential employers to run credit checks?
  6. J

    Man arrested for having '2 extra bullets' in his sidearm's magazine.

    Well there is hope then ;-)
  7. J

    Boston, Watertown. Storm trooper search

    Ahhhwww, quite cute (at least at that age!)
  8. J

    How did Nancy Lanza legally own a Bushmaster rifle?

    This particular question I would like to get clearly answered, too.
  9. J

    Masks off anti-gun end game in Connecticut

    That's something even a lot of gun owners don't get. There is an ultimate goal for the antis and it's not JUST your "assault weapons" ("" because it's a made up term).
  10. J

    We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant

    That one always makes me laugh out loud, a classic!
  11. J

    Trolls, Trolls, Trolls everywhere...

    Since we recently seem to have been overrun by Trolls of all kinds of shades like Brady Trolls, Anti-Gun Trolls and crazy Trolls how about posting the most outrageously trollish posts you have ever seen? Just for fun!
  12. J

    CZ82 as budget CCW?

    Recently picked up one of these just cause I liked the price and the looks: Link Removed It turned out to be one of my best shooting guns and I have had several friends shoot it that intend to get one, too. It seems that the combination of compact size, all steel construction and the 9mm...
  13. J

    FL non res permit

    Do you have to be a US citizen in order to get FL non res permit?
  14. J

    I just don't get it....

    Quite gorgeous, actually!
  15. J

    FL non res permit

    I was under the impression that Florida used to offer a non resident permit but can't quite seem to get that confirmed on their website, is that still the case or did something change?
  16. J

    for your enjoyment

    For your enjoyment
  17. J

    Truck leaving the United States going to Mexico with 268,000 rounds of Assualt Ammo.

    So that's why my local Walmart is out. Clearly they must have bought the ammo a box or two at a time at local gun stores. The way they buy full auto assault rifles, machine guns, grenades and mortars. Which my Walmart actually told me they don't carry?
  18. J

    what is north Carolina's rules on open carry

    I live in NC and I know people that OC and it really is doable with some consideration to local laws and circumstances. The issue with "going armed to the BLAHBLAH" is NOT the sight of a mere holstered gun, that's been settled. It's either brandishing or say walking down main street with a...
  19. J

    Kohl's does What? I had to post this

    Ouuuch!!! That's gonna hurt
  20. J

    Anti oc'ers just don't get it!

    I find it highly ironic that the only right mentioned in the constitution (plus amendmends) that has an explicit statement added that it may not even be INFRINGED on - as opposed to blatantly denied - is the one that is probably the one the most infringed on of them all.