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  1. kayateyellowsnow

    AR platform question. 223 vs 308 and how are they different?

    the subject line is rather vague, my real question is this: I want to build/buy a AR-15 while I can. I used to have a Colt AR-15 but sold it. I would like a .308 instead of the standard 5.56mm. If the 6.whatever mm round was more popular, I'd go that way. The big question that I have is - are...
  2. kayateyellowsnow

    need help with Benjamin air pistol

    while digging through the basement, I found an old Benjamin pump type air pistol. It pumps, but does not hold air. I know nuthing about air pistols... what should I be looking for?? As far as I can tell, it is a 130 model. Crossman bought Benjamin, I looked at the Crossman web site, found a...