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    Can muslims be good Americans/Canadians?

    Link Removed
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    Proposed changes for CC on NC Wildlife gamelands and fishing access

    Commission Approves Wildlife Management, Fishing Proposed Regulations Changes
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    If you carry in your pocket...

    Link Removed They also make them were the holster stays in your pocket.
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    Why open carry is horrible

    Link Removed
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    How Has Unemployment Affected Your Area?

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    At least 12 shot including Arizona Congresswoman Giffords

    I know this is just coincidence but nevertheless: Link Removed
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    Time Warner Cable

    Gun buster signs on everyone I've been in.
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    No Ammo Shippments To California after Jan 1st 2011.

    CheaperThanDirt Forum : Cheaper Than Dirt! joins the fight against California Assembly Bill 962 banning mail order ammunition sales to legal residents of California. - View Post Link Removed
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    ISLAM is not a religion.....

    The guy that started the email wasn't even on the plane.. Link Removed
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    ISLAM is not a religion.....

    Do any of you actually research any of the nonsense you regurgitate? Link Removed
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    Open Carry

    There are 12 "gold star" states , but most allow it.. Link Removed Link Removed
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    Justices hear case of disturbances at military funerals

    I know a lot of you don't like Moore but he has the right idea in the video on this page. Link Removed
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    New School Prayor

    And they all did it in a matter to cause attention to themselves. If they weren't vocalizing their prayers no one would know the difference.
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    Ron Paul on Mosque near Ground Zero

    Link Removed
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    First LEO Encounter

    I have a NC CHP and was driving home from the inlaws in North Myrtle Beach SC when I was pulled over in Nichols SC by a Sheriff's Deputy. To the best I could understand he said I was tailgating my wife (who was behind me?) and that led him to believe i was speeding. I immediately told him I had...