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  1. PAcarrier

    First time OC - "are you old enough?"

    This afternoon, Mrs. PAcarrier and I went to the Dairy Queen in Indiana, followed by WalMart. First time OC in/around public, so I just tried to remember all that I've learned from yinz guys, n'at. No shrieks, scowling faces, or any negative reactions. Mrs. PAcarrier was also observing that...
  2. PAcarrier

    With gun in face, man is fired for not protecting store money

    Family Dollar should take a lesson from 7-Eleven...turn GFZ into GPZ (Guns Present Zone). Link Removed Too bad the owner is such a bad shot. On another note, notice the last paragraph where a Buffalo Wild Wings was targeted. Think it had anything to do with their GFZ policy? Easy pickin's.
  3. PAcarrier

    Supreme Court Justice robbed...

    I hope he doesn't come back with a bug up his butt to outlaw machetes in the US! Link Removed Machetes don't kill people...
  4. PAcarrier

    Where can I get Glaser Blue Safety Slug .38 in Reno?

    I'm not sure about Reno, but Cheaper Than Dirt generally stocks Glaser Blue and has very nice prices. My wife used to carry Glaser Blue in her .38 Snub, until I read this: Link Removed and specifically this section: Link Removed So as SGB stated, you might want to stay away from the exotic...