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  1. CharlesMorrison

    newbie to rifles... help!

    I have never owned a rifle but I would like to buy one soon. I am hoping for one with a detachable box magazine, it can be used too. I'll only have $500 to spend! Any help and advice will be appreciated, thank you up front.
  2. CharlesMorrison

    another mass shooting averted!

    Looks like another mass shooting was planed but thwarted by his roommate before it could start!
  3. CharlesMorrison

    Thinking of selling my S&W M&P .40 FS

    I am thinking of selling my .40 cal so I can get a decent .45 cal. It has three, 15 round mags, manual thumb safety, hard shell box, three different palm swells and only 60 rounds through it. I also have a BlackHawk CQC holster for it. What would be a good price for it! I also would include a...
  4. CharlesMorrison

    I need some advice on a SW40VE

    I am in the market for a forty cal gun and I am willing to trade my Sig Pro 9mm with three mags, hard case and lock. The local gun store had a NIB SW40VE that came with two mags a lock and cardboard box "case". The problem is.. I know next to nothing about the S&W and would like some input on...