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  1. r1derbike

    No More CRs Allowed?

    Off topic, but I need to know. Why no CRs allowed any more? Text crammed into single line posts are hard to follow, and don't allow double spacing when subject material changes. So, am I missing something here? Any way to get around this? My old eyes can't pick-up the next line of posts if they...
  2. r1derbike

    One Expert's Opinion on the AR15 for Home Defense

    My first choice as well, for quite some time: American Rifleman | The AR for Home Defense: One Expert's Opinion
  3. r1derbike

    Arkansas Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General Say Open Carry is Legal in Arkansas

    Arkansas does an about-face of interpretation of Act 746, signed into law. Open carry now apparently legal, but all of law enforcement needs to get on board. Our Sheriff (Kelly Cradduck) has instructed his officers NOT to arrest citizens open carrying. This is an about face for him. I'm...
  4. r1derbike

    Arkansas Passes Many Pro-gun Bills - Signed Into Law - N R A-ILA Link It's about time our state, with its now Republican majority, passed laws easing ridiculous restrictions on our carry rights. I had hoped for more. All in due time...
  5. r1derbike

    Women's Combat Infantryman Experiment Fails...Miserably.

    Please. Women should not be put on the front lines of battle. There may be a few with an excess of testosterone that would certainly make the grade, but results and reports from this brilliant administration's idea has crashed to earth like a lead zeppelin. While 34 percent of women passed...
  6. r1derbike

    Police Let K9 Maul Victim Who Died Later

    The cellphone video is not that clear, and it is not clear that the K9 mauled the victim prior to the start of the cellphone recording. Jersey Cops Let K9 Maul Man to Death, Then Try to Steal the Video - The Daily Beast
  7. r1derbike

    Arkansas Pro-Gun Legislation Gets Final Passage, sent to Governor for Signatures

    Arkansas Pro-Gun Legislation Gets Final Passage, Sent to Governor for Signatures
  8. r1derbike

    Update on Arkansas Pro-Gun Legislation (N R A - ILA Link)
  9. r1derbike

    Berghdal's New Defense Plan; Whistleblower

  10. r1derbike

    NY approves 3rd Trimester Abortions...sorry if a dupe

    This is murder. An unforgivable atrocity that should carry the same weight as murder in other heinous crimes. Our race has descended into disregard for the sanctity of human life. This sickens me, as does earlier abortions performed. I cannot express in words how I feel about this. A society...
  11. r1derbike

    Jerry Miculek and M855 Ball Ammo

    Funny stuff...
  12. r1derbike

    New Pro-Gun Bills introduced to the legislature(s) in Arkansas
  13. r1derbike

    Military Chopper Home Fly-Over

    Interesting situation, last week. Should have told this earlier. Black chopper (military profile, couldn't positively identify it, nighttime and no lights) slowly flew-over my home, and I felt a distinct electromagnetic pulsing that I have felt before, a dozen or so times, only in a hospital...
  14. r1derbike

    Republicans; Get Off Your Asses!

    I have a challenge to the Republicans, who took the Senate, House and key governorships these midterms; we are tired of grid-lock, runaway spending, partisan politics, backroom cloak and dagger deals, and dozens of other atrocities by both parties. Our government has strayed so far from the...
  15. r1derbike

    Clarksville, AR School District Using Armed Teachers and Staff, 2nd Year.

    A little information video about Clarksville, AR armed teachers and staff. My old high school, class of '73: Clarksville Schools To Begin Second Year With Armed Faculty |
  16. r1derbike

    Muslim/Islam Handout in 3rd Grade Classroom

    A lot of back-pedaling and finger-pointing in a 3rd grade classroom, where a Muslim/Islam handout vilified Mt. Rushmore monuments. Take it with a grain of salt, and don't kill the messenger, as facts and lies appear. Link Removed
  17. r1derbike

    Snippets (or out of context) of video with our President praising Islam, and further.

    Snippets (or out of context) of video with our President praising Islam, and more. Make of it what you will. Out of context, or the crux-of-the-biscuit video snippets that make our President's affiliation perfectly clear. You decide...
  18. r1derbike

    Marine in Mexico Prison - Obama Traded 6 Taliban Criminals for Berghdal

    What many perceive the criminal pick-and-choose actions of the Obama administration actually are. I do. 6 Taliban Criminals for Berghdal comes to mind. Link Removed
  19. r1derbike

    NYPD Officer(s) Throw Pregnant Woman to Ground Belly First and Knees Her

    Disturbing video of slamming a pregnant lady to the ground belly first, then anchoring with knee(s) in her back. I know nothing of the case yet: Pregnant woman thrown, held belly-down to the ground by NYPD cop in Brooklyn - NY Daily News
  20. r1derbike

    Sneakin' into the USA (video)!

    I like the Beach Boys... HUMPHRIES: Sneakin' into the U.S.A. ? the music video! - Washington Times