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  1. Icewind

    The story of my 2 new Kimbers at the cost of my SIGs

    Please sit back and enjoy the story of my 1st Kimber and how I had to have a 2nd 3 weeks ago I had 2 SIG 1911s. I was perfectly happy and loving them. A 2 tone Ultra compact 1911 that I carried daily and a SIG Nitron Carry 1911. Both were never fired. I walked into a local gun shop just for...
  2. Icewind

    Holster for Kahr Arms CW40

    Dude, just go Remora, the best kept secret in holsters. Here is my SIG Ultra 1911 and magazine holder setup. Link Removed
  3. Icewind

    Desert people! Is the Remora the best IWB holster ever made end all no discussion?

    Living in Arizona I hate holsters. I'm always in shorts. Swim shorts, box shorts, shorts 24/7. If I wanted to run to the corner store for a pop, I used to have to get on the denim jeans with the belt on and get ready. Within the last few months I have discovered the Remora. WoW, it allows...
  4. Icewind

    Carry gun for my wife

    the .380 was a cute fad, get back to business, like Springfield says. Get a her one of these bad boys. .45 ACP 2 shots will get her out of situation she finds herself in. or how bout this bad boy? .45 ACP revolver. Taurus Tracker! Link Removed
  5. Icewind

    Kimber Crimson Ultra compact and Crimson accuracy OTB

    I bought my Crimson Ultra carry II last week. I haven't the time to get tot he range yet. But I was wondering how the C.T. preformed out of the box. Is it dead on? Is it more like center of mass aiming? Is there a way to adjust it? Just asking fellow owners and of course always looking for...
  6. Icewind

    Got into my first Kimber at the cost of my SIG

    I had bought a SIG Scorpion for EDC out of excitement for finding one. I noticed after a bit, it was to heavy to carry. Traded it for a SIG Nitron Carry. That was to heavy. So I traded that to get into a Kimber Crimson Ultra Carry. Now I'm happy. Here in AZ where shorts are the norm. I...
  7. Icewind

    Looking for eyes in Mesa-Tempe area. Looking for SW M&P .357

    Anyone see a Smith and Wesson M&P .357 in the Mesa area give me a shout please. I am considering getting out of my beloved Glocks and getting into that M&P .357 Thanks in advance all.
  8. Icewind

    How I would save this country (from itself)

    My first step would be to stop that dammed wheel in NY that shows how much the US is spending every second. (1) I would do that first off by stopping all UN and NATO aid. I would also look into moving the UN off US shores since the UN is anti US anyways. Once we re-establish UN ties, the US...
  9. Icewind

    Who Do You Like For President/Vice-President In 2012?

    Did Ron Paul approve this message? He should cut you a check. I won't just vote for someone cause America's gun owners and the nra say he's A+ If anything, that might scare some people away. We need stop basing our votes by someone's gun thoughts. There are much more important things...
  10. Icewind

    Hunting and politics (remember, thick skin)

    Allow me to vent on the topic of hunting and politics. Remember thick skin is a must in this area. This not a troll post just a person stating what's on his mind. I will admit, 1. i am against hunting. 2. I am not a member of any club including the NRA. 3. I am a gun owner and CCW card...
  11. Icewind

    le ammo only

    good question. Winchester Ranger LE ammo is as good as it gets. For my understanding, even though it is packaged as "LE only", it is Winchester that has marketed it as such not any law. I am not aware of any hand gun ammo that is "illegal" other than like teflon coated stuff. Link Removed
  12. Icewind

    AZ firing ranges other than Caswells.

    Caswells blows. I refuse to go that place. They have nothing but A-holes working there and they get no money from me. Now I have been to and enjoy Usery. Good line marshals without really being jerks. Any other spots in the east Valley?
  13. Icewind

    Has CCW changed you/family and everday life?

    Been AZ CCW now for over 18 or so months. Somedays I carry somedays I don't. Sometimes my fiance tells me "oh leave that home" and I'm like ok. But a few friends, 1 in particular, is what I call CCW crazy. No offense intended to him or anybody eles. Just talking here. He spends his free...
  14. Icewind

    IMHO, a person must have a previous stake in the country to run it....

    Obama, we know he wants a social, one UN ruled world. That's because he has no American history or pride in himself or Country. Obama's family is all from africa or what not. No obama has served the country in way to keep it free, ie. serve in the military. that's why he really doesn't have...
  15. Icewind

    Is the 9mm the new .22?

    Coming off this past week where I traded off everything 9mm I own for 2 Glocks (32&36) I got to wondering. I have fallen into the thinking that 9mm is to underpowered. Another poster here once posted "IDK why anybody would carry 9mm" The .22 round is for "training" kids and plinking. but...
  16. Icewind

    Well, I drank the Kool-Aid

    Last week I had a Beretta PX4 duty size and a Beretta PX4 sub compact both in 9mm. This week I now own 2 Glocks and no Berettas. I traded my full size PX4 for a compact G32 in .357 SIG and today I closed the deal by trading my PX4sc for a G36 .45 acp single stack 6+1 bad mother ******!! I...
  17. Icewind

    any feedback on ThesportsmansGuide" online store?

    I'm looking to buy some ammo and what not from this site. I was wondering if anybody has any dealings with this site? looks like a great site. Just asking is all. Thanks for the help. link to sight: Link Removed
  18. Icewind

    No time/want/need for safe queens

    Just a few days ago (4) i picked up my new PX4 C model. Full size duty weapon. As it sat there I was like what am I going to do with this? Im not a collector. I only have 2 hands and can really only shoot 1 gun at a time. I don't have a need or desire for safe queens. So I took it back...