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  1. doublebarr

    Call to Action! 4-H Shooting Sports Leaders

    We are 4-H Shooting Sports instructors in Missouri. During our planning meeting this evening, this email was handed to us. Really Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports? We have long been supporters of this program but if this is the stand you are taking on the 2nd Amendment then we are going to be...
  2. doublebarr

    Sheriffs.... are speaking up

    Johnson and Livingston in Missouri. One of these sheriffs is mine who I have voted for for years :) Link Removed
  3. doublebarr

    Really disgusted, but have to go.

    Unless the law has changed recently this is incorrect. Link Removed
  4. doublebarr

    Really disgusted, but have to go.

    This weekend the girls have a basketball tournament in Illinois, just barely over our state line. I am REALLY ticked that this tournament ended up in Illinois as I avoid the state when traveling to the southeast like the plague lives there because of their stand on guns. I am going to have to...
  5. doublebarr

    US continuing "aid" to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt!

    This shouldn't even need to be debated, it should have been unquestioned the need to cancel this "aid": Stopping American Military Aid To Muslim-Brotherhood-Run Egypt > New English Review Our government wants us to believe they cannot trust their own citizens with "weapons" but we should...
  6. doublebarr

    Federal Court Strikes down Illinois' total ban

    From a "local" Chicago paper: Link Removed SPRINGFIELD - In a huge win for gun-rights groups, a divided federal appeals court in Chicago Tuesday tossed the state's ban on carrying concealed weapons and gave Illinois' Legislature 180 days to craft a law legalizing concealed carry. "The debate...
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    Firearms Owner's Rights V. Property Owner's rights

    Here you go, the Missouri statutes (laws) about signage: Link Removed Where it talks about signage: and following where it negates the signage law statute (also a law): So the "first law" which says no entry with posted signage is countered with the "second law" which makes the "first law"...
  8. doublebarr

    What to do in an "must inform" state when possessing multiple weapons?

    This was just running through my head since I travel a lot for fun and often travel into "must inform" states (don't live in one) and wondered about what you would do and what the "legal" thing to do is. Say you are speeding down the Interstate (10 mph over) and you get the old red and blue in...
  9. doublebarr

    All I want for Christmas.........

    Well, due to recent events, our Christmas list changed drastically (for the better IMO). Talking to hubby this morning, we have decided that everyone is going to get a new gun for Christmas, and we have 4 kids. I've been eyeing a XDM or a 1911 (leaning toward the Springfield 1911), Hubby is...
  10. doublebarr

    Well that was fun, LEO Missouri

    Had a colt I took in this morning to have gelded. Got finished at the vets, loaded him back up and left for home slowly since he was still a bit groggy. About half way home (40 miles from vet) I see red and blue flashing lights in my mirrors. Yippie. I KNOW I wasn't speeding since I was...
  11. doublebarr

    Trap competition

    Today was our County 4-H Shoot Off and both my girls are in trap. Got some pictures to share. We left before the final line went so don't know if we placed or not, but it was a pretty good day for my oldest who shot 89. Younger daughter did not have as good a day but did ok (probably not in...
  12. doublebarr

    Fun guns, jealous.

    Son recently sent me this picture: Said except for the big artillery, this was one of the most "fun" guns he has ever shot. The grenade launcher makes all the difference in fun quotient. He is currently deployed in the Middle East with the ARNG. This is a major "perk" of the job, the fun...
  13. doublebarr

    Must be doing something right ;)

    Went to a rally for Santorum yesterday with my daughter who will be voting for the first time this year as she turns 18 in August. We are trying to get to personally see all the top candidates and get to speak with them before she votes. Anyway, as always I was CC'ing and as we were walking...
  14. doublebarr

    Ahahahaha! Might want to rethink this next time SHARK.

    Animal rights group says drone shot down LOL, what did they think would happen, taking on a bunch of wing shooters from the air :)
  15. doublebarr

    Help with DesMoines, IA municipality laws

    This is what is worrying me: Link Removed I dont' know if it's moved beyond this yet and I don't care to be the "test case" if it has :). Also, we are part of the National Homeschool Tournament. We do not have "school buildings" but rent venues to play at. Fortunately, none are schools that...
  16. doublebarr

    Help with DesMoines, IA municipality laws

    Going to DesMoines next month for 3 days for daughters regional BB tourney (have two girls on the team, only have 7 girls total on the team, and the team is 15-3 so far :) *mom brag moment*) and I have been reading up on Iowa gun laws and have State carry covered, but cannot find anything on any...
  17. doublebarr

    Bit of a dilemma, how to "safe" gun while visiting military installation?

    Well, I'm running into a situation that I haven't been in before and am at somewhat of a loss on what I'm going to do. My Son is in basic at Ft. Sill. I live in Missouri. I have a CCW permit (yes they call it CCW in Missouri)and as I am often traveling alone with my 3 other kids it goes...
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    Chick Thigh Holster!!

    I usually carry in a Crossbred Supertuck and love it, but on those days I wear a dress (mostly summer) I cannot use it and I do NOT like to have my gun stuck somewhere in a purse. So, I decided to get a Thigh holster and went with Chick: Chick Holsters and couldn't be happier. I have been...
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    Kids with a passion for shooting

    Good on you for encouraging your daughter! Our kids have always been shooting enthusiasts and compete in both firearm and archery competitions. Check out your Madison County 4-H for a Shooting Sports project: Madison County 4-H Clubs (Alabama) - Club - Huntsville, Alabama | Facebook as my...
  20. doublebarr


    And in some states, such as Missouri, it is PROPERLY referred to as a CCW: Link Removed Concealed Carry Weapon Endorsement So I see no reason why people "need to stop using the term 'CCW'" when it IS the proper term. My Permit says CCW, should I tell the state to stop using the term? LOL! To...