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  1. jibbster

    Judge Blocks Key Parts of Arizona Immigration Law

    Link Removed
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    Interesting Article from California Paper on Gun Control

    From the most liberal county in Kalifornia...I was not expecting this when I read the article. Nothing any of us don't already know, but still good to see it in print in a liberal paper in Kali...regaining ground, one pebble at a time :pleasantry: Link Removed
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    Dems have a Rangel Problem

    it will be interesting to see if this one magically goes away before the elections... Link Removed
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    First Hearing on Arizona Immigration Lawsuit is Over - no ruling

    Judge Bolton made no ruling today, but took the issue under advisement...looks like it may actually take e ffect next week as planned.. Judge holds hearing on Arizona immigration lawsuit
  5. jibbster

    First follow-up law suit in Chicago

    Gun store owner files lawsuit against City of Chicago...I am sure the first of many. Maybe if they keep getting hit in the pocketbook, someone will help oust Daley Gun shop owner sues Chicago over opening new stores :: News :: PIONEER PRESS :: Libertyville Review
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    Kagan one step closer

    One step closer, not that any of us are surprised Link Removed
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    As if on queue.... Link Removed
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    Mehserle letter: ex BART cop sorry...

    Sadm sad situation for all invovled. Don't know if you have watched the video or not, but it was apparent that he meant to tase the guy and not shoot him.... huge screw up with life changing implications for all familiaes involved.... no good outcome on this one
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    New Internet law

    OK, you got me... I was pissed and could feel my BP elevating..then I clicked on the link :pleasantry:
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    Wisconsin DA takes a stand on gun laws after SCOTUS vote

    :pleasantry: Great to see this! Now if we can just get the other DAs in the anti-gun states to follow suit! P.S. Stiofan, where are you in the panhandle? PM me, we are trying to get a few of us together for a local shoot.
  11. jibbster

    Funny, but Sad...Politics in Pahrump, Nevada

    First I got a good chuckle out of this...but it's a pretty sad state of affairs for people in this little desert town :no: High Noon in Pahrump, Nev.: Sheriff Arrests the D.A. -
  12. jibbster

    Salt Lake City votes NOT to boycott Arizona

    +1 for SLC !:yu: - Salt Lake City government won't boycott Arizona
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    A Little Levity for Friday

    Been kind of a downer week here on the forum, so I figured I would post this....contrary to what the title may indicate, it should not be offensive, even to our female members :pleasantry: YouTube - Urinal Rules
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    Bye, all

    Very nice!!! I am going to have to add that to my aresenal of photos!
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    Google to compensate gay and lesbian employees

    Link Removed
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    North Idaho Meeting

    Alaska444 and I had the pleasure of meeting up earlier this week and throwing some lead downrange at Center Target.....anyone else in the North Idaho area interested in arranging a get together? We can go to Center Target, or do a more free form meeting out in Forest Service area, etc. Let me...
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    Chicago's Next Move

    Didn't take them long...I am sure they saw the writing on the wall and started drafting this weeks ago.....simply amazing....:fie: Link Removed
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    Major problems with CWP renewals for everyone, better read

    Hmmmmm...wonder whose relative owns L1 Identify Solutions??:sarcastic:
  19. jibbster

    URGENT: Chicago Alderman Demands Gun Owners Get Insurance Policy

    If this goes like the other scams in Chicago, I am sure that only one company in Chicago will offer this insurance, and I bet Daley and Burke have a vested interest in said business :sarcastic: