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  1. Rocketgeezer

    Desert Eagle 9mm

    Guys a friend at work just acquired a 9mm desert eagle, traded a Keltech and some cash, the only desert eagle I ever had anything to do with was a 8inch barrel monster in 50AE, cool gun, useless as hell, but definatly cool, so he comes in with this 9mm and I handle it ck trigger, it has a...
  2. Rocketgeezer

    Is a permit requiered

    I know you can keep/carry a firearm in your home without a permit, you just cannot leave your home with it, my question is if you run a business, retail shop, car repair shop, restaurant, are you allowed to carry the gun inside your place of business without having a permit, I believe you can as...
  3. Rocketgeezer

    Whats up with Target?

    I see in the news today that Target stores are "asking" that you do not bring guns into there stores, its like they know they don't have a legal leg, now don't take this the wrong way but I could just not help myself as there is Target right around the corner from us, so anyways I get home from...
  4. Rocketgeezer

    Just how quik are you

    Some friends and I last week at a outdoor range decided to settle a little debate that been going on for some time and WILL NEVER EVER END, whats better concealed or open carry? we all agree that each has a place, but given the unexpected situation in which case would be able to bring your...
  5. Rocketgeezer

    24-7 weapon

    Just woundering what everybody uses for a 24-7 gun, I meen all day everyday without fail its in your pocket, you may also carry something else at times but this gun is like putting on two socks instead of one
  6. Rocketgeezer

    3 inch 1911s

    I just thought I would relate this to you all, mainly because most of the time we post complaining about this or that, and I.m sure I have mention my trials and tribulations concerning the 3 inch barrel 1911 guns, and I still have to say if you buy one no matter who the manufacturer is, it is a...
  7. Rocketgeezer

    Is personal protection ammo worth the money

    this was just sort of a spur of the moment test but las night I fired a FMJ into a block wall at about 6-7 yds, and then fired a a PDX-1, and a speer gold dot, what I found strange was the hot stuff basicly poked a hole in the block with very little deformation, but thr PMC fmj mashed out to...
  8. Rocketgeezer

    multi carry guns

    I'm sure this has been put up before, but we were talking at work today, and the subject came up, how many of you guys carry more than one gun, and what they may be ??????
  9. Rocketgeezer

    How many shots are nessessary

    I know that most of us members have CC permits, and most of them have to take some sort of training class, and that this subject was discussed, ...... if you are in a self defense altercation, you shoot to stop the threat to you or your familys lives not nessessaly to kill the perpetrator, what...
  10. Rocketgeezer

    Number of concealed weapons carryed

    At work we were discussing, extra mags vs extra guns, the guys all knew I had several pistols, but I try to stay out of these discussions, anyways I took the stance of carrying a extra compact gun instead of two or three mags, my question is how many guns has any of you carryed concealed at one time
  11. Rocketgeezer

    3 inch 1911 reliability?

    I have held off with this post, just to be sure the gun was going to be good, I think I have finaly got a sub compact 1911 45 that runs good, and is dependable, after bad luck with a Kimber and a Para, and inconclusive testing with a colt, we traded for a Sig Sauer sub compact 1911 style 45, and...
  12. Rocketgeezer

    Gun Oil ?

    I'm not looking for approvel or disapprovel, just a question, how many of you guys use motor oil for gun lube?, had to clean my pistol at work and did not have anything else, I clean my 1911s after each range session, so I tryed the motor oil, and the gun never felt better, racks slick as hell...
  13. Rocketgeezer

    Compact 9mm

    Hi Guys, and Ladies, my wife and I are looking to buy a compact 9mm, for our grandaughter, I want something about the size of the LC9 or Keltech, maybe even the walther, but I did not really want to spend that kind of money, the problem is the ruger and keltech have absolutly horrible triggers...
  14. Rocketgeezer

    Teenagers and shooting,

    I was just woundering how many of you guys have young daughters or grandaughters that you take to the range with you,and how well do they shoot, I'm talking about new shooters not someone that 16 or 17 and been shooting since they were 10, my daughter had been dead set against letting my...
  15. Rocketgeezer

    1911 kept in con 1

    I'm sure this has been asked several times but I honestly am not sure, my question is on a typical 1911 pistol kept in condition 1 cocked&locked, does it weaken or damage the hammer spring if kept cocked indefinatly,?
  16. Rocketgeezer

    Range Report on Taurus PT-740

    We picked up a new PT-740 friday, if used for it intended use, concealed carry, it is a nice gun, but as far as going to the range for a day and haveing at it, the pistol worked fine no FTFs or FTEs, stovepipes, jams, nothing, it operated fine, but as I kind of expected it's recoil is stout, not...
  17. Rocketgeezer

    Pocket 380s as your main carry

    This is something I rarely do, (start threads), but what's on my mind is looking over the most popular carry gun thread, I see that the Ruger LCP is out front, by a lot, now most of the weapons mentioned are really good guns as carry's, but what I and several others I have talked to would like...
  18. Rocketgeezer

    Nato 9mm ammo, does your gun like it?

    Anybody tryed the winchester 9mm nato ammo at wall mart, how does it operate in your pistol ? in my Taurus the stuff stovepipes on almost every round, but it goes thru the Glock like butter ?...............and before anybody starts on the Taurus being a pos, have had this gun for a year and a...
  19. Rocketgeezer

    New Taurus 40 ?

    Have any of you heard anything on a new Taurus thats supposed to be comeing out its a 40 patterned like the 709 slim, this may be just a rumor, because all I know is two guys at the gun show were talking about it ?