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    Hillary’s Long List Of Crimes Documented

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    Latest U.S. Statistical Map:

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    "I will fundamentally change America" if elected president.

    What's the hold up then? Link Removed
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    Congress Pushes Obama-backed National Biometric ID for Americans

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    Hillary Clinton Sends Warning to Media of Words She Won’t Allow

    You mam, are making this too easy! Link Removed
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    Hillary Clinton Sends Warning to Media of Words She Won’t Allow

    Whatever you say mam! Link Removed
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    Perhaps There is Hope

    With the pos's that "rule" our local, state and federal guberment... You must be insane to request a con-con! Do you really think our elected royalty will stop there? Maybe they'll just "tweek" some of the other amendments while they're in there..... Oh, I don't know.... Like the 1st...
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    Let's start a new post called, "Girls with Guns".

    Annie Oakley! OK... What do I win?!
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    What is “Jade Helm” And Why Could it Ruin Your Summer

    And with thunderous applause and great revelries I await the coming storm... Link Removed
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

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    The gun debate is over

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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    It's comin! Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    That I am not a felon. Get your sh!t together. You know nothing about that which you prostitute upon us. You are a very ignorant lady and you should really read to broaden your knowledge base because you really do come off as a total moron..... Mam. Link Removed
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    And the answer as to why I am not the "felon" you accuse me of is? Cause you are a total dumbass! Link Removed