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    Another Poll they'll use against us in Legislative sessions

    ABC poll-Should self defense be allowed on College Campuses Link Removed Results broken down by State So far, no one wants the right of self defense on campus
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    USACE & Don't Ask Don't Tell

    If this "Don't Ask Don't Tell" bill is going to pass due to the Democrats in Congress ... since it affects ARMY regulations etc. ... why not attach language ... something permitting States to control whether we may carry or not on USACE recreational property/parks/lakes? (Which actually DOES...
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    New Sights

    Rarely am I impressed enough to write letters, but I'll post my review/letter about my new sights here to share. I have no affiliation with any company, other than I buy stuff from lots of companies. My new sights. To: WrenTech Industries, LLC - Advantage Tactical Sight I have my concealed...
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    Merry Candlemas !!!

    Merry Candlemas everyone !!! Did you get your decorations up in time? How are you spending Candlemas this year? I'm enjoying my holiday day off and cleaning guns today.