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    Cannot decide

    I require a 9mm. This will be for carry and competition. Have ruled out Beretta, M&P (mine has problems right now), and a 226 would be bit steep at the moment. Looks like it will be a Glock 17 or a SIG 2022. Both have had their problems, but both are reputed to be excellent guns. For those of...
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    Need an M&P holster

    Do not have the time or money for an Alessi or a Kramer right now. I have two weeks. I picked up a M&P full size in 357 SIG last week, and now need a holster. I think I may have to get a production holster for now. Will get the Alessi PSS later. Looking at he Galco N3 or Summer Comfort right...
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    Got the M&P, but in a larger 9mm

    Went to the dealer to pick up an M&P 9 today. And I surely did. But the only M&P 9 that they had in stock had been handled, a lot. Throw in the fact that the factory shipped it with the low cap mags, and I was a bit thrown. The dealer told me that if I wanted to take it, go ahead and when the...
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    OK, I ordered it.

    Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. There is a dealer in town that caters to law guys, and around here that is what they carry, although I suspect the cops get them in 40 instead of 9mm. For $499, I get the M&P in either 9, 40, or 357 SIG, three magazines, the interchangeable grips (probably a standard...
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    The Talon Plus for my Smith 60-14 got here tonight. I went over it several times. As a leather guy myself, I know what to look for. I didn't find what I was looking for: mistakes. Perfect holster, dye job, sewing, blocking, fit, finish, all were perfect. One other thing: I ordered this last...
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    m&p or 1911

    Lord. Just when i thought i had it. Am now undecided between an m&p 9mm or a kimber 1911 costing almost twice as much. I like the idea of a 45 with the reliability of a kimber, but i also like the capacity, price of ammo, and price of the gun that a 9mm smith brings. This will be for both carry...
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    Best vest

    This may be the wrong place to post this, but wasn't sure. I need a vest. All this will do is cover a Kramer MSP holster for my SIG 229, and the double mag pouch that will get carried with it. The holster won't be here for another month or so. I have a good vest for when it's cool, but nothing...
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    M&P vs USP

    I want a 9. This will most likely be an IDPA gun, but a carry gun as well. Think I have narrowed it down to either an M&P or a USP. I am a pretty good sized guy so there will be no trouble carrying either of these full sized platforms. There is a Smith dealer in town that can get me into a new...
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    Hi to all, new to this forum but not new to carrying. Good to see there are many of us.