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    Only at Wal Mart

    Stolen gun at Walmart causes panic - News - The Fayetteville Observer - Fayetteville, NC First let me say that I fully support a person's right to make their own decision regarding open carry. Having said that I don't think it's a good idea and it's not something I'll ever do again. I...
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    Interesting test on 9 v 40

    Long video but he tries to equal out all possible variables. And does a very good job of simply presenting data (gotta love the meat target). for me there's just not enough difference for me to pick a clear winner. I shoot 9 because SWMBO cant shoot .40 and it's easier to buy one caliber in bulk
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    The McRibb of Sidearms

    Let's get back to talking about actual guns
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    That Awkward Moment When You Get Your Ass Beat AND Your Gun Stolen.

    Police: Suspect arrested after assaulting man, stealing his gun | Long story short, the "victim" is riding his scooter (illegally) on the sidewalk when he sees a vagrant laying on the side walk. Instead of driving around the guy our hero starts an altercation with him and demands...
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    I wouldn't do this but.... Open display of an empty holster

    Saw a guy walking around church today with an empty holster, openly displayed. I have no idea if he chose to leave the gun in the car initially or was asked to conceal the gun (he wouldn't have been asked to leave the gun in the car) and chose to just leave it in the car or was just some random...
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    Whipping It Out In Walmart

    I ran into a guy open carrying a 1911 in Walmart this morning in a Yaqui Slide holster. I've always questioned holsters that leave that much of your gun exposed so I asked the guy if he had a problem with the barrel getting fouled. He said he didn't or hadn't up to that point then he unholstered...
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    So, If This Forum Has 30 Regular Members (if that) And 15 Of Them Are Sock Puppets

    Who spend most of their time arguing amongst each other, and the Admin knows all this and does nothing What, exactly, do the rest of us gain by participating here?
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    Top Ten Pre- Incident Indicators/ Article

    Link Removed I think you can almost divide this into two groups. 1 through 3 are things that a cop/soldier/ security guard might watch for. If I show up in uniform (overt symbol of authority that my Cabbella's hat and Tevas just don't seem to convey) and your behavior changes, you're up to...
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    Has our "benevolent overlord" left us?

    We had a mod for a week or so but he seems to have vanished (not before spanking Stengun I see). Anyone know what's up?
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    In Other News Wild Dog Made 3 Whole Posts On TFL Before The Ban Hammer Fell

    I was surprised he lasted that long
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    Defensive sold to Canadian conglomerate

    Anyone else heard that has been sold to a Canadian company named Vertical Scope?
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    Christians: This is why the atheists here don't believe you

    I just read a post in another thread in which a Christian actually told an Atheist something to the effect of “I can’t wait to get to Heaven because I won’t have to deal with you there.” Really? What part of the great commission is that from? Jesus Christ called us to the ends of the...
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    Maybe You Guys will Understand How STUPID This Reaction Is

    I was reading the Open Carry debate on another forum and one poster stated that he ran into 2 open carriers in a sporting goods store and he seriously considered walking up to them and telling them what dipsticks they were for open carrying in public like that. Long story short, he rethought...
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    Idiot with a gun HAPPENED TO BE open carrying

    Went to Wally World with DW to pick milk and bananas for the week and noticed an IWAG in the parking lot. Not sure if you would call it true open carry of a concealment failure. The guy was maybe mid 40s early 50s wearing black jeans and a red polo with longish gray hair. he was carrying...
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    I HATE fireworks

    I just got back from walking my dogs and my whole body is wired. Even though mind knows they're just fireworks my autonomous nervous system keeps yelling INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!! in my ear and wanting my to hit the ground. It's going to be a long night I hate fireworks
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    Open V. Concealed carry video (semi balanced)

    I saw this on Oleg Volk's facebook page yesterday. It's not a bad persentation and the guy tries to be balanced but he pretty much comes down on the side of concealment. That said Oleg reccomended the video as having some good points and I agree it's at least worth 15 minutes to watch
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    Was This The Effect We Were Going For?

    Sonic has joined the growing list of businesses who have gone from open carry neutral to open carry prohibited based on the actions of a few over that top open carriers. How many times is this going to happen before we get the idea that maybe we need to approach this from another angel?
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    How to talk to the police

    Step 1
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    I Support The Second Amendment (Yeah, NO you DON'T)

    I just read a facebook post by a high school friend of mine that said something to the effect that “If you share this you support our Second Amendment Rights” So I read her comments and it turns out that she formerly worked for the Omaha Police Department registering guns and processing “buy...
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    Why does this so often seem to be the case with open carry?

    So, I was ammunition shopping at Sportsman’s Warehouse today and I noticed a guy open carrying a pristine Nighthawk 1911. My question is why in the Hell was this guy walking around with a gun that had to cost North of 2500.00$ in a 15.00 nylon holster? I will give the guy this though the...