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    To open carry or not?

    Hmm on vacation, sitting in in meeetisees Wyoming and woundering about open carry here and in Montana . I m from Wisconsin and think think things might be different out here... Let me know
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    40 cal

    I'm thinking about buying a Glock g27 "40cal" any thoughts. I'm sure this has been beat to death here, but I have not been on for a while. Thanks
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    ? Maybe this has been ask but...

    With all the news about this last shooting, I have heard that gun sales are through the roof!. My questions odor is how do you think people will vote next Novmber?, what do you think
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    Today while waiting for my barber to come in at" 7:00 am" , I had a man come to the passanger side of my car and start to ask me questions through my CLOSED WINDOW!I had my 18 year old son with me and thank god he did not roll down the window. The man kept asking me somthing through the...
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    I'Mlooking for a scope for my AR 15 but I don't want to spend big $ to get one. Someone said the sig sauer 3x power was good at 200.00 what do you think
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    Single point sling

    I just put the single point mount on my AR and I'm looking for a nice sling for it. Any Ideas....
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    Well I got my wish!, well almost

    Well I got my wish almost..P.D. Ryan got the V.P. nod from Mitt. I wish it were the other way around but oh well. Today here in Janesville wisconsin P.D. had a rally at CRAIG High School and what a rally it was!!!. He did not make this a national topic event out of it but more of a local...
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    New Rules!

    So now here in wisconsin we have new training rule's for new people who apply for a ccw permit in Wisconsin. My question's are this .... If you aready hold a ccw from Wisconsin do you need theses "Classes" so you may carry in in (other) state's and maintain your current permit?. My other...
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    I would like to know

    We have had open carry for some time now in wisconsin. How ever it is not very common here in wisonsin . I hear that it is more common in western states is this true?. CCW is new here in wisconsin and sometimes you may find yourself in between on what you are wearing that day...
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    mic holster

    Has anyone looked at the mic holster?
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    Gun Belts

    I would like to know if there is a gun belt out there that hide's the clips from a IWB holster. To me these stick out to much and say I am carrying. I am new to the IWB as well as Wisconsin CCW, just want to know whats out there?.
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    Oh the sky is falling!

    In my home state of Wisconsin CCW is now legal as of Nov 1st. You should see all the money spent on the signs that are going up as to where you can carry or not, ( over 3,000 was spent alone on just sign's for my city and the same for county. The area that is the most un gun...
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    Will wisconsin bend to 4 hours of training?

    Now that the A.G. of wisconsin has come out " almost 15 days before the ccw law takes affect" do you think the 4 hour training will stand, let alone whos trainning as well? what do you think
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    Good In The Waistband Holster?

    Now that Wisconsin will have CCW as of NOV 1st what would be a good In the waste band holster?
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    Ok what they say now

    Has anyone read the Wisconsin state journal today?. now they are saying that a hunter safty card is not sufficient for concealed carry, and that the D.O. J. are still righting the regulations for this. I posted earlier on this and was told that what the legislation had...
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    Requirements for CCW in wisconsin.

    So what I thought I understood was that your hunter safty card met the requirments to obtain a CCW permit in wisconsin. Other people here say no the D.O.J. is setting the standards for the requirment to obtain your CCW. Who's right? Ive been on the D.O.J. web sight and don't see anything...
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    Wisconsin CCP ?

    I have a question about the bill that is about to be signed . I think someone here said that it will take affect ten days after the govenor signs it into law?, and that the D.O.J. will start doing permits in OCT, or Nov for out of state carry. Is this correct? or do you have to wait until...
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    Wisconsin/ Michigan open carry

    New to the group, I would like to know if it is legal for me to open carry in Michigan. Wisconsin has no permit for open carry , so would I be legal in Michigan, since they also have open carry.