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  1. getlost4x4

    Utah Concealed and Open Carry questions

    I heading down to Utah. I have a Wyoming Concealed Carry Permit which is good in Utah. I have a leg rig for open carry. I'm going to be in Moab doing some 4 wheeling. I like to open carry when i'm in and out of my vehicle a lot. I know the law is to not have a chambered round when you open...
  2. getlost4x4

    steyr firearms

    Anyone own one. I'm looking at the new 9mm and would like to hear some reviews. Thanks
  3. getlost4x4

    bersa 45 problems

    I have a bersa 45 acp ultra compact. It's been a great gun. I carry it daily. I've never had a problem. I broke it down today to clean it. When I put it back together I pushes the slide release to drop the slide. When I dropped the slide the hammer dropped as well. It's not supposed to do...
  4. getlost4x4

    Practicing your draw

    So this is something i have been thinking about lately. I have two holsters for my bersa 45 ultra carry. I have a shoulder holster set-up and a crossbreed holster as well. I like both holsters. but since i am not very flexible, my chest is pretty wide, and its a hard reach across for the...
  5. getlost4x4

    Gun Show Question

    So I decided to go check out a gun show. What a waste of money that was. Just a bunch of junk, i thought i'd see some cool guns. Nope, just junk, crap guns, and coins. This is my first gun show i've decided to go to. Usually i just hit up Cabela's. Anyway, they had a sign up that said all...
  6. getlost4x4

    road rage today

    Not me really. Some guy swerved in front of me today so I laid on the horn because I almost rear ended him as he slammed on the brakes. He continued doing it then turned down the same road i take to work. He stopped in front of me and asked to fight. Ha ha. Anyway I told him to stop driving...
  7. getlost4x4

    wadcutter ammo???

    Anyone ever used this kind of ammo I picked up 50 rounds for $15 for my 45 semi auto bersa. Hoping its not going to blow up my gun.
  8. getlost4x4

    got pulled over today

    So I was pulled over by a small town cop today on my way home from a weekend camping trip. As he walked up to my Range Rover I turned it off and kept my hands on the wheel. The Cop told me he was pulling me over as a courteous stop. He told me my tail light was burned out. I knew this...
  9. getlost4x4

    anyone using a crossbread holster

    I ordered mime over a month ago and I'm starting to get annoyed by how long it's taken. I'm thinking about cancelling the order and just making my own. Is it really worth the wait. I have a galco ITB Holster currently that I molded to my bersa 45 ultra compact pro. I like it but it's not...