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  1. takurpic

    Knife Rights

    I get emails from Tom Gresham's truth squad. Here's the latest.... ____________________________________________________________ Amendment Revising Federal Switchblade Act Introduced, Supported by the Administration Truth Squad members, we introduced this issue several weeks ago on the radio...
  2. takurpic

    Katrina-like confiscations in Greensburg, KS

    This is a post copied from the Kansas Concealed Carry forum, Link Removed. Patricia Stoneking is active in legislative matters. On Thursday, 3-6-08, she attended a hearing in Topeka on the Kansas Emergency Powers Act, House Bill 2811. This legislation will prevent gun confiscations like we saw...
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    Hit the poll: Nat'l Park Carry

    Link Removed Hit the poll!
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    CCW college poll

    Another poll to tilt in our favor... Link Removed
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    Gun Talk TV

    Many of you already listen to Tom's radio show, GunTalk. He's just launched an online video resource too... Link Removed No, I'm not affiliated with Gun Talk or Tom, just a fan.
  6. takurpic

    Busted Buster Sign

    Send me an email if you'd like the orginal to print or forward (8.5x11 @ 300 dpi, less than 1Mb). It's absolutley FREE! [email protected] FWIW... the last line is not a slam against law enforcememnt. They do a great job, considering logistics.