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  1. tricolordad

    Recoil vs.Takedown ability

    Link Removed Table gives you a good idea of how the slug will perform, but what isn't shown is the shooter's ability. Shot placement is key, caliber is irrelevant when you aren't making consistent hits to vital areas.
  2. tricolordad

    "Guns are banned!"

    I was taking my kids to Party City (because they want to go since the commercial suggests that wild parties are going on inside at all times) and it happened to be in a building that housed about 10 other businesses and had a shared parking lot. As I got out of the vehicle and started getting...
  3. tricolordad

    Does anybody use military issue shoulder rigs?

    I was looking for a more suitable concealment option than OWB and IWB since I need to dress business casual for my overnight job which is in a stupid bad area which sadly has no AC after business hours...and I came across an vertical shoulder holster I used in the army. They're designed for...
  4. tricolordad

    Walther PK380 recall

    For those of you with a PK380, check your serial number. The gun may still fire with the manual safety engaged. Walther is paying in full for the repairs, including shipping to and from. Link Removed
  5. tricolordad

    Interesting look into the mind of a sheep

    Last night, I was having a conversation about home ownership and it gravitated towards home security. The guy I was talking to started talking about home security systems and how he heard that if you don't have one, you can keep the FOB on your car keychain next to your bed so you can just...
  6. tricolordad

    Justice Dept Sues Texas over Voter ID

    Justice Department Sues Texas Over Voter ID Law, Seeks To Intervene In Redistricting Case It would be funny if they actually had intentions of seeking a fair trial and weren't going to throw the constitution out the window to get what they want. About time to call up the militia, isn't it...
  7. tricolordad


    Sports is rarely a topic here. I may have posted the only thread about sports last year. Who's gonna win it this year? Predictions? Winner gets street cred. Lol
  8. tricolordad

    Employer property rights vs my right to safety??

    I just picked up a part time job to supplement my other part time job, but it is for a company that has a policy against employees having even a folding pocket knife on the property while on the job. The location is in a very high crime area (sadly, as it was the only place willing to pay what...
  9. tricolordad

    What Was That All About?!

    Get a T shirt with a silhouette of this on it. I just ordered one lol. Set me back $45 and worth it. Link Removed
  10. tricolordad

    more to your safety than a gun...what other training do u have?

    Link Removed I couldn't find a phone booth.
  11. tricolordad

    Trayvon's Rule...

    Yup. Hate is hard to understand. This is my Quran and anyone can read it as long as they treat it with respect. It's doesn't belong to them. It's mine. Sura 2 verse 62 says that those who are Jews, Christians or Muslims who believe in god and the last day and have lived righteous lives...
  12. tricolordad

    George Zimmerman helps rescue driver of overturned truck

    For all of you that say George Zimmerman is a murderer, here's more evidence to the contrary. Link Removed How many of you can provide examples of murderers actually helping people? Murderers are generally self centered and do not stick their neck out to help others.
  13. tricolordad

    I'm starting to see more people OC in my area!

    I used to be the only one besides LEOs and armored truck drivers to OC in my area. I know this for a fact because I am always out and about and never once saw any other person carrying. It used to be that harrassment was to be expected from LEO, and at that time, had there been another legal...
  14. tricolordad

    Another WTF Chicago moment

    Jealous man stabs a coach in the neck and another in the head. If only somebody had a gun...somebody not on probation, that is. T-Ball Coaches Stabbed in Front of Kids by Jealous Father, Prosecutors Say - McKinley Park - Chicago
  15. tricolordad

    Taking out the trash

    It's warrant sweep day in Hennepin County again! Here is yesterday's reports. Maybe some of these badass woman beaters will resist and swallow some lead. :-) :-) :-) Hennepin County warrant sweep targets domestic abuse offenders |
  16. tricolordad

    .380 ACP: is it good enough or no?

    Something to consider...a study done by a former LEO in American Handgunner stated .380 had a 62% one shot stop avg, on avg 1.76 shots to stop and 16% did not's a picture of the article. Hope this isn't illegal.... Link Removed There's really no perfect caliber. Looking at the...
  17. tricolordad

    Off Duty Cop Allegedly Rapes 16 Year Old Girl

    Damn, Brinks is just like the Army...minus the bombs on the side of the road. I've only been on three runs so far. Boring as ****.
  18. tricolordad

    Reading the news online

    What website do yall use to get your news? I'm just curious because besides The Blaze, and getting a few chuckles from the slant and comments at the Huffington Post, I haven't found a steady source of news.
  19. tricolordad

    Wonder how they'll feel Monday.

    This is the side you've chosen. Need I say more about who the liars are? Link RemovedLink Removed It speaks volumes to your character.