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    Favorite YouTube Prepper

    What's your favorite YouTube prepper/survival shows?
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    This Site's change

    Have not been on here for a while, looks as if it has changed format. Anyway, do we have a "Like" or "Thumbs Up" button again? Hi all.
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    Old Pro site, any one have a clue where it went?

    A great site but it is a dead link now. Anyone have info on this? Home: Stentorian Second Amendment Rights Page Inserted from <>
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    FYI .40 SM 180 grain lead loads.

    Just a note here. I just tried some of the above bullets. In my Glock 22 Gen 4 with a Wolf barrel the performance was great. Very accurate and no feeding issues. This was with a deep seat (Use a case gauge to ensure proper fit) and 4.4 grains of W-231 powder. These are hard cast with a BNH of 18.
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    test test test test test test
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    Eugenics and other evils.

    A good read if you care to research issues - Google search to download a pdf of this. G. K. Cheterston
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    RCBS Bullet Puller, die type.

    I have gone thru a few "Hammer" type bullet pullers. After research I bought the RCBS die type with collets. I am using a Dillon 550. It works great. Note to Self: "Buy a cheap Lee and mount on the side of bench". (Worth note is the fact I could buy a new four hole insert with out the dies -...
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    New Poll on Dreaded "Assault Weapons Ban".

    Link Removed
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    Veery good Youtube site for gun prep
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    As we text and eat, the NWO, Anti-Christ on the 911 site.
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    Range day-today, tried this new target.

    My wife bought some new pots and pans, I asked her to save the old ones for me. The large frying pan I painted white, drilled three holes for hanging on my stand. I affixed the top at 12, the bottoms at 4 and 8 as would be on a clock face. I placed a small day-glow orange patch on the center...
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    The "LIke" button/Notifications

    With out the follow up via the like button has participation dropped off? I know I do not follow this as much. Thoughts?
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    Cant find the girl/women person, that posted her "bf" was arrested for M.J. possessio

    Cant find the girl/women person, that posted her "bf" was arrested for M.J. possessio I submitted a private message to her and have yet to receive a response. Was she a one time post/troll or just not really into this? I do not remember her "Handle" or user name anyone???
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    My new hobby - Too hot to shoot staying inside

    Very hot in my area of Arizona. Last week 110 degrees in the shade on the far side of the house, under the back porch, going to be 110 +++ by the week end and next week. So, I just "Discovered" Twitter. I am on the "Following" of all the major ant-Gun/America/Freedom Twitter lists. I do not plan...
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    New info on State's Rights.

    I found a new news site that has what I will call an alternative view and this was on todays search. I think it is Russian. ?Support for US federal rulings falls by 1/3 in just 5 months ? RT USA
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    Some light hearted fun for my other social media I love to post on Left Wing NUTS
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    What to do if your M.D. or others ask about guns.

    This may have been posted on another site but I just found it and it is good.
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    New Poll Open Carry

    Link Removed
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    How are my forum sisters and brothers dealing with this countries madness?

    Just like to ask how you are dealing with this crazy stuff. Some years ago while discussing the issues of the day with a clerk at a local guns shop he said, well, the world is just about gone and the country as a whole with it so I am just working on local issues. My wife (Female, I am Male)...
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    At long last-my wife and I are in full agreement on AMMO.

    After 27 years we moved from our old house to a brand new one. I do have more ammo than I thought I had (Maybe enough factory). She was correct. Now, as to components? NO way. But I am loading for all the family.