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    Another Poll they'll use against us in Legislative sessions

    the exact question is Should Guns be Allowed on College Campuses? (if you click it you'll see) Link Removed I propose that implies disarming campus police if you say "no"
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    Another Poll they'll use against us in Legislative sessions

    ABC poll-Should self defense be allowed on College Campuses Link Removed Results broken down by State So far, no one wants the right of self defense on campus
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    This bank president gets it!

    sign on bank you showed above Link Removed yup, this one "gets it" too They paid for CHL training for employees at the bank Story here Link Removed video here KWTX - Video
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    Obama to now push more gun control

    ATF study (for ban) on Imported Shotguns released 1-26-11 I searched, if this was posted I didn't see it, sorry if it was already Those deadly bayonet lugs, flashlights, lasers and picatinny rails on shotguns are a major crime problem, aren't they? If Jared in Tucson hadn't had a .... wait...
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    USACE & Don't Ask Don't Tell

    If this "Don't Ask Don't Tell" bill is going to pass due to the Democrats in Congress ... since it affects ARMY regulations etc. ... why not attach language ... something permitting States to control whether we may carry or not on USACE recreational property/parks/lakes? (Which actually DOES...
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    Trespassing sign for a new generation

    Galveston Daily News Friendswood: Man arrested for pulling gun on trespassers Link Removed
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    New Sights

    I did however consider the Suresight, but researched them and ran into this at a Glock site "1) The maker of SureSights seems to have gone out of business, so I'd eliminate them from consideration. " As well as a review from someone who bought them and had trouble with suresights' yellow paint...
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    New Sights

    Rarely am I impressed enough to write letters, but I'll post my review/letter about my new sights here to share. I have no affiliation with any company, other than I buy stuff from lots of companies. My new sights. To: WrenTech Industries, LLC - Advantage Tactical Sight I have my concealed...
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    One in the chamber? Or not!!

    Here's a video of the advantage of NOT having a round chambered. It's a real advantage to the other guy. Watch the guy who dies later racking his slide to chamber a round as he is being shot repeatedly. Paste the link into browser and remove the space between the www. and the rest Link...
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    Merry Candlemas !!!

    Merry Candlemas everyone !!! Did you get your decorations up in time? How are you spending Candlemas this year? I'm enjoying my holiday day off and cleaning guns today.
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    Laser and holster options for xd9sc

    Why not save your accessory rail for a min flashlight, and use an internal laser? With internal lasers, standard holsters aren't hard to find. I have Lasermax internal lasers on Glocks and PT92s and love trhem as they never get out of alighnment Link Removed I do know the delimma though, I have...
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    concealed carry in parks?

    Correct For example Lake Whitney, COE lake, Whitney State Park, on COE property = your license is not valid. Ray Roberts Lake State Park etc same situation. We are taught that a Concealed Handgun Licensee CAN carry (After February 22, 2010 in [some?] National Parks) and already in LCRA...
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    How Long Before You CC With a Bullet In the Chamber?

    Only responding because you asked "Thoughts" (I only have 1 hand, so racking the slide in an "emergency situation" is not an option for me.) One could always install a Glock Thumb Safety: Link Removed Install Glock thumb safety $ 115.00 plus $12.00 shipping. COMINOLLI : MANUAL...
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    Concealed carry vest

    I"m not interested in "lets go deer hunting" look for church. But a nice tweed herrinbone jacket over one of these might be nice. Anyone have experience with something like these? Link Removed
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    Church Carry

    Glad that new holster is working out well Concealment: Since I lost my "love handles" I have thought about a "bump in my shirt" too That could just as well be an insulin pump bump under the shirt. A bump under a shirt is a bump under a shirt. A waist/fanny pack is a waist/fanny pack A vest is...
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    Questions Regarding The Fort Hood Massacre

    You mean this guy? Foxes in charge of the hen house? I understand why Obama wanted people to wait to investigate. Official: Nidal Hasan Had "Unexplained Connections" - ABC News A senior government official tells ABC News that investigators have found that alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal...