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  1. AndeyHall

    Looking for info on sonic cleaners

    Hey guys I’ve got a birthday coming up and have been looking into sonic cleaners as my main gift suggestion. I have an old friend who runs a gun retail/Gunsmithing shop and he had a large commercial grade one. He has cleaned my pistols and rifle for me a few times but I have always just...
  2. AndeyHall

    Wall mount for AR?

    Hey guys I’ve got an AR I’m wanting to wall mount inside my closet. I’ve got a space along the top half of the wall where it’s out of reach of the kids and I want it to be easily accessible if I need it. I’ve looked online a bunch and the closest thing I can find for a vertical mount that’s...
  3. AndeyHall

    Best 357 Sig defense ammo?

    Hey guys, I’m converting my G23 (40 S&W) to a G32 (357 Sig). I’m a huge fan of Hornady ammo, however their selection of 357 Sig ammo is barely moving faster than +P 9mm ammo. From the research I’ve done on 357 Sig, the round performa best self-defense wise the faster it is moving. I’ve tried...
  4. AndeyHall

    Appendix carry without printing so damn much?

    Ok, let me start by saying that while I'm new to appendix carry, I'm not new to carrying. I filed my CWP (South Carolina) paperwork the day I turned 21 and received my permit almost exactly 90 after that. Been carrying almost every day all day (everywhere I could at least) ever since then. I...
  5. AndeyHall

    Best muzzle device for CQB?

    Hey guys I am currently using my rifle as a patrol rifle, and I have a PWS FSC556 comp/flash hider on it. I originally purchased it because reviews had it as the "quietest" muscle device that noticeably cut back on recoil. However, out on our outdoor wide open range, everyone comments about...
  6. AndeyHall

    Federal Fusion .223 vs Tactical Bonded .223

    Can anybody explain to me the difference between the Federal Fusion .223 62gr round and the Federal Tactical Bonded .223 62gr round? Besides the fact that one is a brass casing and the other is nickel plated...
  7. AndeyHall

    Professional Knife Sharpeners?

    Hey guys I've got a CRKT Sting that isn't too sharp out of the box and I'm no great knife sharpener. Anybody know of a person or company who knows what they're doing and I can send my knife to them and let them sharpen it for me and put a real edge on it?
  8. AndeyHall

    Any new open carry bills proposed?

    Hey guys, I haven't kept up much with this forum or state legislature since the passing of S308. Have there been any new bills proposed for open or permitless carry in SC?
  9. AndeyHall

    Cheapest 30-round mags?

    Hey guys I'm trying to buy up some 30-round mags. Anybody know the cheapest place online to buy good mags?
  10. AndeyHall

    Anyone wear shirt stays?

    I've had to start wearing shirt stays with our uniforms and I've gotten to where I really like them and wear them with my dress shirts now off duty. The ones I use are the stirrup style where they separate into a Y up towards the shirt. But the problem I have is the little rubber tabs that go...
  11. AndeyHall

    Repainted the AR...

    I bought some tactical OD green duracoat in their shake-n-spray kit a while back with the intention of painting my SR1911 since I put black grips on it and just love the OD green/black look. And also because it has no knurling on the frame, I was going to add their soft sand to it to give it...
  12. AndeyHall

    Is anyone from UGAR LLC a member here?

    I've gotten quite ill with all these stupid conspiracy emails that USA Carry emails you...all the "10 secrets on how to [insert verb here] that the government doesn't want you to know about" emails. Well I got one the other week about this "CIA ghost knife" and having the knife fetish that I...
  13. AndeyHall

    Looking for recommendations on an AR-15 trigger

    Been looking on midway for a trigger upgrade on my AR-15 but I have no experience with any so what would you guys recommend. The primary use of the rifle is going to be a patrol rifle, so I'm not sure if a 2-stage would be my best bet, but I would also like to be able to use the gun accurately...
  14. AndeyHall

    Fusion 62gr 223 vs Remington 62gr 223?

    I'm about to qualify with my AR as a patrol rifle, and our general orders says we're to carry "Remington 62 grain bonded soft point" ammo in our rifles. I can't find anything off the shelf with that exact name, but I have found some of that Hypersonic CoreLokt bonded soft point in 62gr. Is...
  15. AndeyHall

    Good .380 ammo?

    I'm getting rid of my .38 to get me a Glock 42 and I've seen various people who endorse their own personal preference of ammo. But based on testing or whatever, who makes a really good hollow point carry round? I've always been a Hornady fan in most calibers, but I'm hearing not so good things...
  16. AndeyHall

    My Smith & Wesson customer service experience

    I bought a Bodyguard 380 over a month ago for a backup gun. The next day I noticed that you couldn't insert a magazine without pushing the mag release button in. So since I couldn't get it working, I sent it back through the dealer I bought it from. Over a month later, I call S&W to see what...
  17. AndeyHall

    Ankle Holster Secrets?

    For those of us who don't have cankles, what is the secret to keeping an ankle holster up without needing a calf strap? And actually, even with a calf strap I have to let the holster rest on the top of my boot to keep it from falling. So if I'm not wearing boots, how do I keep my ankle holster...
  18. AndeyHall

    Textured Duracoat?

    I've got a CRKT Sting knife and the handle is solid metal which I'm afraid could get quite slick if wet or hands were sweaty etc. Does anybody know of a way to texture duracoat or any other type of paint that is more reliable than just a can of spray paint? Open to suggestions.
  19. AndeyHall

    Boot Knives?

    Anybody know of a good double edged boot knife with a 4" or less blade comparable to the Gerber Guardian Backup? I've got one of those and love it but was curious if there were alternatives without breaking the $100 mark.
  20. AndeyHall

    Off-Duty Sergeant Shoots and Kills Mugger

    Cop distracts teen mugger then shoots him dead - YouTube One and done! This is the type of LEO encounter I like to see when they encounter criminals like this!